video wall portland oregon

Video walls have gained amazing traction recently. 

Take Under Armor, for example.  The sportswear giant is a globally recognized brand that leans heavily on celebrity endorsements.  When pitching those endorsements in-house, the company uses a stellar mix of research, analysis, and images to communicate the value of the partnership.  But to really drive the point home, the company installed an 18×9 video wall in its Baltimore headquarters.  The interactive installation does more than catch the eyes of visitors—it solidifies deals.

To an extent, this is the impact video walls offer every business, whether they’re wooing a celebrity or attempting to entice the average joe. 

Video walls attract attention.  Of course, their sheer size turns heads.  But it’s the content displayed that really pulls people in.  Visually engaging content, that’s colorful, dynamic, and short, is what really drives your customers’ engagement.

Additionally, video walls provide an opportunity to double down on your branding.  You can use this space to showcase your logo, slogan, and brand message.  Here, you have the stage to drive home your most important story and ensure that people are watching.

Video walls can also serve as a resource.  They boost engagement with answers to frequently asked questions, directions to popular destinations, and interesting information that’s relevant to the target consumer. If someone finds your video wall helpful, they’ve already begun forming a relationship with your brand.

Ultimately, video walls offer a way to deliver a powerful message with impact and style.  They don’t just grab attention—they use the wow factor to convert and make a difference.

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