We love our Vestaboard!

As a dealer we are using it to welcome vendors, have a contest where we give away a custom message to one of our customers for them to use on social media; personally my business partner loves the tracking PGA tournaments in our office.

Ready for an all digital world?

Neither are we. We’ve taken the best of the physical and digital. It’s a sensory experience to make your words actually move.

The best of analog and digital

It’s not a digital screen. 8,448 magical spinning flaps you control with your device from anywhere.

The best of analog and digital

It’s not a digital screen- however, it can be networked to multiple screens- 8,448 magical spinning flaps you control with your mobile device from anywhere.

Meet the most beautiful messaging display.

You gotta have this!

Choose: Traditional Black or
White Limited Edition of 1000

Brighten your day with Vestaboard White, a fresh take on our award-winning flagship display.

Inspire your favorite people from anywhere

Vestaboard creates a focal point that enhances any setting every day and captures attention with a shared messaging experience.

Luxury vacation rental creates a one-of-a-kind
experience with Vestaboard

“Vestaboard has become an integral part of the villa,” says Michal Paulen, owner of luxury vacation rental Anaia Villa in Koh Phangan, Thailand.
“We’ll need one for each future property!”

“By allowing us to create custom messaging, Vestaboard allows us to make each stay unique,
special, and exciting,” Michal continues.

Guests enjoy using Vestaboard for their personal messages as well. “Friends and family enjoy surprising loved ones
with their own messages,” Michal explains.

“Also, Vestaboard allows us to update messages discreetly, 
allowing us to protect our guests’ privacy.”

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