Equipping Pro Sports Organizations With Media Press Room Boards To Keep Press Informed In Real Time

EcoDigital Media offers a new digital display option for professional sports teams to upgrade and manage their press room experience. With the digital press room monitor, your media team can keep the press informed in real-time with full control of scores and statistics from a mobile device.

“Updating the display from a spreadsheet on a smartphone is extremely helpful.”

“We have been very pleased with our media display board from EcoDigital Media. The display looks great and the functionality is fantastic. Information changes frequently on game nights, so the ability to update the display from a spreadsheet on a smartphone is extremely helpful.”
J. Gifford-Communications
Portland Trail Blazers

Control & Make Changes To The Digital Press Room Board Right From Your Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone

Ditch hard-copy, bulletin boards, and hard-to-manage formats and make changes to the digital press room as events happen right from your phone, laptop, or tablet.

  • Starting Line-up
  • Player Changes
  • Team Stats
  • Player Bios and Stats
  • Referee Assignments
  • Injury Reports
  • Reporter Seating Assignments
  • Arena Layouts

Fan Experience Photobooth

Fan photo kiosks let fans augment reality with a photo of themselves with their favorite players.

EcoDigital Media offers an exciting new way to heighten fan engagement and increase revenue.

Augmented Reality – Fan photo kiosks let fans create a picture of themselves with their favorite players.

The AR ‘huddle-ups” capture player personalities so well it’s as if they are really there mugging it up for the camera.

Fans can see how to position themselves — in their fan gear –among the players for a personalized pose.

The attractive and eye-catching kiosks can be placed around the stadium and in VIP suites for easy fan access.

Fans will go home with a souvenir that will have pride of place in their collection and increase loyalty to your team.