Last April, adtech company MetaX made waves with the release of “adchain”, a blockchain-powered ad platform that allowed users to tag an ad and follow its journey across the web.  Without using a third party, a company could potentially track all associated metrics, including conversion rates, detailed budget breakdowns, and customer interactions.  This was a game changer for digital signage.

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that securely and anonymously tracks information.  It’s most closely associated with Bitcoin and various forms of cryptocurrency.  However, the technology is being adapted to a wide range of industries, including digital signage.

The benefits of blockchain in digital marketing

There are several ways that digital marketing experts can benefit from blockchain:

  • Security: Perhaps blockchain’s biggest draw is its security.  Blockchain is incorruptible and only accessible to authorized users.  This means all sensitive ad data is protected.
  • Bug-free: Because of its decentralization, blockchain is more dependable than the typical centralized system.  Blockchain administration is managed in a peer-to-peer network across thousands of users and systems.  Where a single failure can derail a centralized system, blockchain keeps going.
  • Transparency: Blockchain isn’t controlled by a single entity, which you means your data hasn’t been spun or altered in any way.  What you see is what you get.

Innovative blockchain uses in digital signage

Aside from “adchain”, blockchain has enabled some additional innovations in digital signage.

Users can trade ad space on digital out of home platforms without going through a third party.  And, they no longer need a gatekeeper to manage and disseminate advertising data.  Lastly, a decentralized platform gives both end users and vendors more flexibility to upload and search for content.

Even as digital signage continues to evolve, blockchain is pushing the industry’s innovation to new heights.

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