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Mid-level enterprise companies with more than 10 locations using traditional menu boards suffer from slow content change, slow adaptation to change, and losing market share. EcoDigital Media helps QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), Food, Beverage Drive-Thru, Car Wash, and Oil Change Franchises innovate with digital signage hardware, software, custom content, and custom subscription feeds so that their business continues to evolve, embrace opportunities and increase market share.

Your Company Deserves State-Of-The-Art Digital Drive-Thru Signage Menu Boards, But There’s A Problem…

Slow To Adopt

You may fear adopting technology early, thus sticking with traditional, manual-updating static menus. This results in missed revenue opportunities & stress with slow updates to menu pricing and products.

Failure To Launch

You’re very busy. Your company representative may have intentions to thoroughly research options but they have limited time and resources to dedicate to this. With further delays, more profits are lost.

Do It Yourself

You have intentions to network & update multiple locations’ digital menu boards yourself but with limited time and reliable commercial equipment for this, you’re stuck. With further delays, more profits are lost.

It’s just wrong that your locations are losing profits because competitors are advancing with the latest technology for communications. But when we don’t invest in tools for longevity and growth, we get into trouble. Many organizations trust us to help them keep their communication consistent, repeatable, and trackable. With the expertise and experience to help you, we will look at your current needs and work with you to scale, so we have you covered now and for the long term.

Digital drive-thru menu boards are screens that are placed at the drive-thru window, giving clients the information they need before they place their order. The board displays information to customers to view the company’s specials, products, menus, and prices without exiting their vehicles. They can be installed outside the restaurant’s building or in the drive-thru lane.

Some businesses even choose to install their indoor menu boards, near a window where people can view them from inside. The boards are most commonly installed in fast-food restaurants (for pick-up or curbside delivery), and drive-in establishments, but some sit-down restaurants also use them to display their content.

One way to choose the right digital drive-thru menu board is to determine how many items you want to feature on it. If your business has a large number of products, then a regular size board or panel may not be sufficient for showcasing all of them. On the other hand, if your company only offers a limited number of items, then a regular board may be sufficient.

The purpose of a digital drive-thru menu board is to attract customers and inform them about the items that you offer. Therefore, the location matters. It should be strategically placed in a visible area so that it can easily be seen by customers. The menu board design should also match the theme of your restaurant or business.

  1. Digital Drive-Through Menu Boards & system:
    1. Designed to help customers make quick and informed decisions about their food choices.
    2. Typically list the price, calories, and other nutritional information for each menu item.
    3. Can be found at most fast food and casual dining restaurants.
    4. Are often illuminated to help customers see the choices at night.
    5. May also include pictures or illustrations of the food items.
    6. Typically updated regularly to reflect changes in the menu or pricing.
    7. May also be used to promote special offers or discounts.
    8. Typically located near the ordering window of the restaurant.
    9. Often made of weather-resistant materials to withstand the elements.

Digital drive-thru menu boards are an excellent idea for restaurants, coffee bars, and fast food establishments. The boards help save energy, money, and time by eliminating the need for a person on the other side of the menu board, and they are becoming more popular in the United States for several reasons:

1) They increase customer satisfaction by providing them with an easy-to-follow menu that won’t take up much of their time or attention.

2) Digital drive-thru menu boards allow customers to quickly see what is available and place their orders without having to wait for a server or cashier. While they’re waiting, they can plan what they’re going to order. “What are we going to have…let’s see, I’m going to order for us two of their awesome burgers, large fries, a diet coke, 6-pack chicken tenders nuggets, two cream sundaes, and two shakes.”

3) The boards allow customers good visibility of the prices of menu items before they order. This can help them decide what to buy and how much to spend.

4) Digital drive-thru menu boards make it easier for customers who do not speak English well to place their orders. The boards have pictures or videos of the food and drinks available, so they can just point at what they want instead of needing someone to translate it for them.

5) Part of the reason they are used is that it saves time for those working in the drive-thru. It’s quicker to look at a screen than to read a menu board, and there’s no need to memorize what’s available.

6) Digital drive-thru menu boards are also used for marketing purposes, as they can feature the company logo. They are an effective way for restaurants to promote their products, especially new items. They can use the boards to advertise special deals or promotions that are available at the time.

Digital drive-thru menu boards are a great idea and will make the ordering process much easier for everyone involved in the restaurant business.

  1. The average drive-through menu board:
    1. Has six to eight items.
    2. Has a width of four feet.
    3. Has a height of three feet.
    4. Weighs approximately 30 pounds.
    5. Is illuminated with fluorescent bulbs.
    6. Has a power consumption of approximately 50 watts.
    7. Is turned on for approximately 12 hours per day.

Statistics From A Quick-Service & Restaurant Survey

  • Before incorporating digital signage, restaurants manually updated the cafeteria menu, which is a full-time task in and of itself, especially if the menu is updated daily. Restaurants no longer need to manually update the menu feed with live menu feed from digital signage solutions.
  • According to a quick-service and casual restaurant operators survey, more than 20% of restaurant operators see a 5% increase in sales after adding digital signage into their service sectors.
  • Visuals receive 94% more views than text-based information.
  • People recall 65% of visually presented knowledge after three days. The recall rate for digital signage is an amazing 83%.
  • For brand recognition, digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness rate.
  • Visual aids in presentations are 43% more persuasive than those that do not.

Your Guide To Keep Communication Consistent, Repeatable & Trackable.

We understand the need for things to be process-driven and consistent. Communication and documentation need to be trackable and repeatable. We understand the importance of being within reach as an extension of your external team.

For you to benefit from a long-term solution, we look at your current needs and blend them with “down the road scalability”, purchasing the right amount of equipment to serve both purposes.

We orchestrate collaboration between all departments to bring in the “right” product and service solution for your company. With a 99% up-rate for our clients, we get things up and running quickly and support you before, during, and after to make sure things run smoothly.

Outdoor Digital Menu Board Case Study: Clean Image Car Wash

“The increase in upsells has been notable, not to mention the drastic increase in visual appeal. The freedom to create new promotions on a whim is fantastic. And, it’s also reduced our operational costs.”

Greg Augspurger, Co-Owner, Clean Image Car Wash
MAINTENANCE & UPKEEPThe static services board, located at the entrance of the car wash, required regular upkeep due to weathering and consistent service changes.Desiring a solution with the ability to withstand the elements, including any water and cleaning products associated with the car wash, in addition to any natural elements such as dirt, dust, wind, rain, or snow, that various weather conditions could present.The client decided on Peerless-AV’s XtremeTM Outdoor Digital Menu Board with Peerless-AV Xtreme optically bonded LCD display. With a kiosk, fully-sealed display, and a rain cap that doubles as a solar shield to reduce solar load, the menu board is a complete weatherproof signage solution that is both visually appealing and cost-effective.
PROMOTIONS & MARKETINGEach and every promotion designed to increase sales and upsells required the printing of a new sign and manual removal and replacement of signs on a regular basis.Look for a digital signage solution in lieu of their current paper signs and static services board that would look sleek and modern, while offering a cost-effective option.Customers waiting in line could easily review the current services and promotions, leading to an uptick in add-on services.

In addition, they would have the ability to swiftly change promotions on a daily basis, without the creation and removal of signs or any manual labor.

Their service offerings can be seamlessly changed to reflect any daily specials that the car wash would like to promote.

Highly profitable items can be showcased through attention-grabbing, visually-appealing content without the additional layer of glass between the display and the enclosure.

Their new Outdoor Digital Menu Board removes the costs associated with purchasing new static menu prints and new prints for each additional promotion.

Any service changes can now
be done in minutes as opposed to days. Once the content has been created, the only associated cost is maintaining the content, which is minimal compared to the annual cost of replacing static graphics.
In just two months, they experienced a noticeable increase in upsells.

With promotions displayed prominently in a visually appealing, well-lit services board, more and more customers spend their time in line perusing service package offerings.

And, with the ability to quickly change content, much of the attention garnered surrounds new promotions that pop on and off the board frequently, causing a call to action due to their time-sensitive nature.

Your Digital Signage Launch Plan In 3 Simple Steps

Phone Consult

Call us. Let’s have a discovery, answer your questions, and determine how we may be a fit for your company.

Deploy Solution

We execute on one agreed plan, both hardware, software, content, and maintenance.

Regular Updates

Ongoing content or maintenance services continue. Monthly updates and progress reports are sent annually.

From Non-Digital to Digitally Profitable

Stick With Non-Digital

Your customers align your brand with “old school”, consistent with your old technology and their customer experience. You continue to lose the ability to tell stories effectively, and you lose the top spots in your customers’ minds. You may lose employee loyalty and longevity. And the loss in revenue comes directly from slow/out-of-date menus and pricing.

Move To Digitally Profitable

Your ability to instantly promote specific products or services at any moment creates opportunities for you to measure ROI and support your goals. You focus on your goals and achieve them because you have the technology to bring them to life. We assist with your marketing goals and long-term technology use, so you continue to be profitable.