employee retention digital signage

As an employer, you’ve trained your sights on using a visual communications network to improve employee productivity and generate better results.  But digital signage can do more than simply pad your pockets with extra revenue.  It can help you train, develop, and retain top talent.

Learning Style

Nearly 65% of the adult population identities as visual learners.  Thus, visual communications are likely preferred by the majority of your staff.  By communicating with them through a visual medium, you’re ensuring information is received and retained.  When employees feel they can learn in a way that best suits their learning style, they’ll be more engaged.


Several employers favor email and other forms of digital communication.  However, not every employee can afford smartphones and tablets.  So, even if you’re the most effective email communicator, you may not reach every employee.  Those who feel left out are more likely to leave, in search of a more inclusive workplace.  A visual communications network can be centrally located and ensure every person gets every message.

Timely Information

Harvard Business Review reports that employees need to understand how their work connects to the bigger picture.  But it’s impossible to do this if they aren’t in the know.  Digital signage provides you an easy, effective way to send out timely company information.  Employees will always be in the know and feel they’re looped in to all decisions and developments.


Employees need to be recognized for their work, plain and simple.  Doing this visually makes them feel validated, and it allows other team members to see and celebrate their contribution.  Employees who feel appreciated will almost always stick around for the long haul.

Yes, a visual communications network will help serve your company’s business goals, but it can also keep your team engaged, which is the most important part of striving toward excellence.

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