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Digital signage has enabled many advancements in the marketing world.  From more interactive experiences to stronger ad engagement, the digital category has proven more effective than traditional advertising. However, digital signage can sometimes suffer from analog problems.  How can a brand keep engaging a customer after they’ve viewed an ad?  This is a problem SMS marketing easily solves.

For instance, Honda launched an interactive billboard to advertise its Civic Type R.  Users could text START to the provided number, and the billboard lit up and broadcast engine sounds.  With just a text, users could “start” the car’s engine. 

This campaign was effective for a few reasons.  First, it encouraged longer engagement as users stopped to not only text and start the engine but wait to see the results.  Second, it gave users a chance to interact with the product.  Though they weren’t test driving the car, they were essentially testing its features.  And lastly, once engaged via text, Honda captured their information, enabling reengagement at a later date.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Honda’s interactive billboard demonstrates the greatest advantages of incorporating SMS marketing into your digital signage campaign.

  • Personal experience: Leading the end user through a series of steps helps them create a personal connection to the product being advertised.
  • Brand consistency: You can keep sending messages across multiple platforms. Engagement doesn’t stop with the ad.
  • Flexibility: Digital signage can be produced and even corrected or changed in a short period of time.  Thus, these campaigns can be pulled together quickly.
  • Reengagement: When a customer engages through SMS marketing, they’re opting in to receive further communication from your brand.  This gives you an opportunity to extend and strengthen that customer relationship and potentially close the sale.

SMS marketing takes digital signage’s capabilities even further by building a relationship with your customers.

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