At Starbucks Express, every aspect of the customer experience is designed for speed.  From the smaller space to the efficiency of the baristas, coffee drinkers can get in and out in a matter of minutes.  But none of this would be possible without digital menu boards.

Here, the menu boards are positioned close to the ordering counter, and they’re at eye-level.  Customers can quickly see what items are offered and make a selection.  There’s none of the frustration of looking above the counter or fumbling through a paper menu.  And increasingly, many other restaurants are following suit.

The benefits of digital menu boards

Digital menu boards open up a world of possibility for restaurants big and small.

  1. They’re easy to update: Whenever a new price goes into effect, a menu item changes, or you offer a special, simply update your menu from your Content Management System (CMS).  The changes are reflected immediately. This eliminates the need to reprint paper menus.
  2. They reduce perceived wait time: Restaurants can display fun facts, information, and even weather on their digital screens.  This gives customers meaningful ways to spend their time while they wait for their food.  It also distracts them from counting every second they’ve spent in line.
  3. They help with legal compliance: Restaurants with multiple locations are often required to display calorie counts and nutritional information for their meals.  With paper menus, owners were forced to add these figures and reprint.  With digital menu boards, the main menu can easily be adjusted to add this pertinent info, without an extra expenditure or loss of your brand aesthetic.

Digital menu boards offer much more than a visual enhancement for your restaurant space. They’re a cost-effective way to keep customers informed and entertained.

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