Equipping Businesses With Subscription Services & Improving the Public & Private Transportation experience

Combined with our content management platform, clients are able to easily see what their transportation options are like bikeshare, e-scooter, streetcar, bus, uber, airport. Partnered with East Coast tech startup, TransitScreen we provide you with real-time transit information while connecting visitors & employees to a geographic location- Visually and Mobily.

Using mood-enhancing content to improve health outcomes:

Curious about how to soothe waiting room environments, or even calm an emergency room? We pair C.A.R.E. Content to captivate your audience with a thoughtful digital signage experience. We offer cross-platform solutions for a wide variety of industries including healthcare, corporate, retail, retirement communities, schools.

Art Gallery – Original

Using digital signage technology, we transmit digital artwork anywhere.

Partnered with Patron Saint – an artist’s agent, we generate a constant stream of art.  Ready for show, you can subscribe to a stand-alone art piece or as one of a number of works shown in succession.

Medical Videos –

Curated and presented by physicians, the latest health information, based on peer reviewed findings, are available as video streams. A large streaming library and daily productions is available for OTT channels, Smart TV, Health Apps, POC and the Web in addition to standard screens.

Subscription feed options are limitless covering all categories:
  • -Infotainment including social media
  • -Weather selections local, national, international, alerts
  • -Health includes nutrition, exercise and trends
  • -News choices interviews, headlines
  • See the options here

Your Company Deserves State-Of-The-Art Digital Drive-Thru Signage Menu Boards, But There’s A Problem…

It’s just plain wrong that your locations are losing profits because competitors are advancing with the latest technology for communications. But when we don’t invest in tools for longevity and growth, that’s when we get into trouble. Many organizations trust us to help them keep their communication consistent, repeatable, and trackable. With the expertise and experience to help you, we will look at your current needs and work with you to scale so we have you covered now and for the long term.

Your Guide To Keep Communication Consistent, Repeatable & Trackable.

We understand the need for things to be process-driven and consistent. Communication and documentation need to be trackable and repeatable. We understand the importance of being within reach as an extension of your external team.

For you to benefit from a long-term solution, we look at your current needs and blend them with “down the road scalability”, purchasing the right amount of equipment to serve both purposes.

We orchestrate collaboration between all departments to bring in the “right” solution for your company. With a 99% up-rate for our clients, we get things up and running quickly and support you before, during, and after to make sure things run smoothly.

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