Every day, customer service workers around the world help to make our lives easier, and share their brand’s culture. No matter the industry, they work diligently to improve every customer’s experience, with our satisfaction as the primary goal. 

Our innovations in drive-thru digital menus would not be as adaptable without customer service.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Customer Service is Key in the Digital Age:

1. It adds a personable touch to your brand.

2. It increases the accuracy and efficiency of your ordering process.

3. Customers want person-to-person engagement.

Customer Service is a Major Part of Our Lives

Customer service has always been part of our lives. It is rooted in bringing us together over the things we love, like coffee! Sharing words, sips, and even something sweet define many social gatherings all over the world. The Germans may have defined it perfectly; kaffeeklatschis a tradition in Germany that brings people together to catch up and get caffeinated. Everyone, all over the world, loves to share coffee.

With our current global situation, coffee to-go has become the norm for coffee shops. Our engagement with our favorite baristas may be limited to a drive-thru window, but this does not take away the entire coffee experience. Baristas are just as important, our interactions with them from the placing and receiving the order at the drive-thru window sets the tone of our entire coffee experience

Digital Menu Boards Are a Potent Tool for Customer Service Teams

We want to make every customer service team’s job as efficient as possible. Time is especially valuable in customer service. Customizable digital menu boards accommodate each team’s workflow. Digital menu boards can easily adapt to any daily, weekly, or monthly menu changes. This allows customer service teams to adjust the board to suit their goals. Plus, it saves team members their breathe! Digital menu boards instantly display new and exciting menu offerings to customers so team members can focus on each drive-thru customer’s individual requests, leading to more order accuracy and overall customer satisfaction.

Drive-thru digital signage doesn’t stop there. Bright and interactive digital menu boards are super easy to manage and update on the spot. If there’s a logo update or even a delicious seasonal latte special, the customer service team can quickly adapt the menu to any changes. No longer do you need to tell a customer that their drink choice is ‘no longer available.’ Customers will know exactly what they can order. This lets the customer service team focus more on fulfilling customer’s needs and less on digital discrepancies.

Time to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Get those Repeat Customers

Digital signage cannot reach its potential without customer service. A bright and interactive digital menu definitely attracts customers, but what keeps customers interested is the customer service behind each menu. You may have a menu full of customizable drinks, but the way the barista fulfills the order and interacts with you on a personal level is what will ultimately impress a customer.

Customer service adds the personal engagement necessary in a drive thru experience. While we all may love the benefits of today’s technology, we all require personal interaction. A simple smile at the drive-thru window makes all the difference. That’s why each digital signage board needs real people behind it to make the magic happen. Whether its perfectly foaming oat milk, correcting an order, or memorizing your name, these are the little details that turn a new customer into a repeat customer.

Our goal is to integrate quality digital signage with customer service in mind. Excellent customer service is a valuable aspect of a business and the feedback on customer service is just as valuable. It is always important to tell a barista or any team member how your experience was. Your kind words of appreciation and constructive criticism, and simply getting to know your barista on a personal level will only help the team serve customers better in the future.

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