Early detection is one of the most significant predictors of cancer survival. As such, cancer screening is one of the most powerful tools available to patients to prevent and mitigate disease. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Healthy Lung Month, and National Dental Hygiene Month, and an excellent way to keep patients informed is through immersive and engaging digital content delivered directly into patients’ hands through digital signage.

1. The Many Modalities of Digital Signage

  • Wayfinding systems can help patients navigate the sometimes labyrinthine clinics to find their healthcare provider easily. Eliminating this occasionally daunting task allows patients to focus on the core reason for their visit; their health. 
  • Video Walls can grab and maintain both patients’ and staff’s attention to convey the most important messages. Also, these can be updated quickly and remotely to ensure a unified and highly visible healthcare initiative.
  • Touch Screens provide a direct connection between the healthcare provider and the patient. Patients can also find distractions and diversions to alleviate some of the anxieties that often accompany a doctor’s visit or learn more about their condition before meeting with a physician to discuss it.
  • System Alerts can instantly communicate important information both generally and directly to the patient. A specific patient can be notified when needed in their room, while general notifications might be useful for announcing important activities and functions available at the clinic.

2. Utilizing Digital Content to Foster a Connection to Patients

  • Inform patient awareness of essential subjects with direct and curated streams of health information.
  • Streamline visits and automate many aspects of patient onboarding by allowing patients to create accounts and compile health information at a glance. An added benefit is integrating with existing digital health infrastructure for a unified online healthcare system.
  • Highlight important PSAs to ensure that patients have an abundance of health information available for every visit.

3. Engaging Patients with Health Education

  • Interactive educational systems and installations can captivate an audience with simple, brilliant displays of physiological and pathological principles. 
  • Improve patient cooperation through education on the importance of good health practices. Inadequate knowledge is one of the most significant factors affecting patient compliance and easy to address through digital campaigns.
  • Empower patients to be at the forefront of managing their health with the latest information and insights. Patients have the potential to be the greatest advocates for their health, but education is critical to achieving this.


Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed form of cancer but is surpassed by lung cancer in mortality. A primary reason for this is that excellent screening procedures exist for breast cancer, while the available modalities are not yet as powerful for early lung cancer detection. Bringing awareness to patients about the importance of screening brings an immediate and tangible improvement to patient outcomes. Keeping up with the rotating initiatives can be a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be when streamlined with digital content. Visit our website for more information on integrating digital signage into your healthcare community.

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