Today is National Coffee Day. Some may say this is a religious holiday – we can’t deny how devoted we are to coffee! At least 64 percent of Americans drink coffee every single day. And, more and more people are purchasing their coffee outside the home, especially millennials. 

We are excited to be part of enhancing the coffee ordering experience. Our partnership with BigFoot Java, a specialty drive-thru coffee company, makes coffee consumers’ lives a little easier. With the most innovative digital menus, customers are more incentivized to order. This gets them their coffee quickly, keeping up their daily grind. With a seamless ordering experience, customers will be returning to fulfill their caffeine fix.

1. National Coffee Day is a Worldwide Affair

Coffee deserves a holiday. Some mornings, it is the only thing that can get us out of bed.

Everywhere around the world, people adore coffee. It is a defining element in several cultures. In Ethiopia, people often meet for 2-hour long coffee ceremonies. If only we all had that amount of time for a coffee break! But, time does not stop us from enjoying our favorite cup of joe. We drink it everywhere – in our cars, at our desk, or even 35,000 feet in the air on a plane.

There are plenty of delicious coffee beverages to enjoy from around the world. Can you think of your favorite? From the Italian cappuccino or the Australian ‘flat white,’ coffee is consumed in multiple delicious ways. When grabbing a coffee out, this experience should be as awesome as your coffee is. That’s why the way coffee beverages are presented makes all the difference. Showcasing them on dull and outdated menu boards may cause customers to take their business elsewhere. Incorporating dazzling digital menu boards gets customers excited to order coffee, even if they only have 2 minutes to drink it. 

2. The Innovation Behind Digital Menus (converting from static menus)

Our partnership with BigFoot Java is more than just coffee shop menus. It is about improving everyone’s overall coffee experience. Positive experiences create repeat customers.

Every digital menu board maximizes brand awareness. Our digital signage strategy includes total menu board customization. This helps illustrate the core identity of the BigFoot Java brand: quick and delicious specialty coffee. With an unmistakable brand identity, BigFoot Java is much more memorable to customers. 

A vibrant digital menu board also creates more customer loyalty. With bold menu items and vivid coffee images, customers will have an easier time making an order. This creates positive associations with the brand, keeping customers coming back for more. 

Our collaboration with Peerless-AV and our menu design expertise makes all these visuals a reality. Their first-rate displays employ the latest AV technology. This creates the most interactive experience. That means customers will see and sometimes hear all about the beverages they crave most. From lattes to cold brews, customers will be immersed in the most efficient ordering experience.

3. Effective Digital Content Makes a Difference

Buzz words make all the difference. When customers come to order coffee, they want to be assured they are in the right place. They want their caffeine fix fast and easy. Seeing the words ‘drip coffee’ or ‘latte’ should not be hard to find!

Our digital signage strategies bring customer’s favorite coffee drinks front and center. The digital menus present clear cut branded names that make customers extra enthusiastic to order. Accompanied by brilliant coffee images, customers will be excited enough to order that pastry they’ve been craving all week long.

4. Keep Up with our Blog for the Future of Digital Menus

We want to keep you updated, always. Our partnerships with state-of-the-art brands are only just beginning. We are continuing to move into the coffee sector, ready to make coffee ordering as easy as it gets. Our blog is routinely updated with the latest on our coffee digital signage endeavors. We are excited to reveal how easy your coffee ordering experience will become.

Our partnership with BigFoot Java signifies the effectiveness of digital signage in the coffeeshop market. In our modern world, people want their coffee quick and easy. With engaging digital menus, there is less of a hassle in choosing their beverage of the day. In fact, a customized menu board, with eye-catching coffee images, will incline customers to do something different. Whether its a fancy mocha or introducing your baristas, our digital coffee menus make coffee hard to resist.

Let’s make coffee ordering efficient, always. What kind of coffee you are drinking on National Coffee Day? Let us know in the comments below!

To learn more about how our digital signage solutions work, please visit our EcoDigital Media Website. 

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