When it comes to digital signage, it’s natural to assume it’s geared toward converting customers. But digital signage serves a wide range of purposes beyond business.  College campuses are a great example.

College campuses are perfect for digital signage.  Today’s student populations are digital natives, who’ve grown up during an era of rapid technological advancement.  They learn and communicate through a series of digital devices and gadgets.  Thus, digital signage is something they’re accustomed to, and they expect it.

Digital signage serves many purposes on a campus.  First, it helps relay critical information.  Think holiday hours, big sporting events, closures, lockdowns, special forums and town halls.  There’s a lot of information to disseminate to a lot of people.  Digital signage makes it easy to reach the masses quickly and efficiently by feeding customized messages to your screens.  This eliminates the need for mass emails.

Campuses can also use digital signage for wayfinding.  Whether it’s a freshman or transfer student, or a visiting parent, they can find their destination without Google or a hard-to-read paper map.

The classrooms can also benefit from digital signage.  The lectures of yesteryear can be boring, causing students to miss vital information that impacts their academic performance.  Digital signage makes it simple to display slides and hold students’ attention.  A 2015 research project showed that students exposed to digital signage during lectures outperformed students in traditional lectures. 

In short, digital signage, and custom content, on college campuses can fit the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors without the hassles of emails and brochures.  And in the process, it can produce high-quality results.

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