If you raised a cup in honor of National Coffee Day, whether at home or in one of your favorite coffee shops, you weren’t alone! To date, there are over 64% of daily coffee drinkers in the United States. The U.S. coffee industry has an estimated annual revenue of $96 billion.

In 2020, the U.S. coffee industry experienced its first decline since 2011, but as the pandemic winds down, annual growth is projected well into the future.

While national celebrations are a fun way to draw attention to your business, the reality is that you’re trying to run a successful coffee shop every day of the year.


With impressive stats such as these, you’d think it would be easy to run a successful coffee shop simply by providing a great cup of coffee. But there are challenges.

Creating a Brand

Unless you are part of a large, recognized brand, you understand the challenge of drawing more customers into your store and turning them into regular customers.

One of the challenges is creating your own brand. To leave your mark in a sea of coffee shops and competing with the big brands.

Increasing Sales

A universal challenge any business owner faces is to increase sales. 

Achieving a delicate balance between offering your products at a reasonable price while increasing total daily sales involves making smart moves with your marketing dollars.

Cutting Costs

Every savvy business person understands the concept of keeping costs low in order to help increase store profitability.

How can you make your marketing dollars stretch in order to get a good Return on Investment (ROI)?

More importantly, how can you invest wisely in your business to achieve a successful Return on Objectives (ROO)? In other words, meeting and beating your challenges.

Creating Positive Customer Experiences

If your customers don’t walk away with a positive experience after visiting your store, odds of them returning decrease.

By creating  a culture, advertising specials, and giving customers incentive to join loyalty programs, you give them reasons to come back to your store.


One solution that addresses every challenge on your list is to go digital. 

By incorporating digital menus, signage, interactive kiosks or drive-thru digital menu boards in your coffee shops, be prepared to watch your ROI, and thereby your ROO, rise.

Digital signage offers you a hands-off marketing tool that helps tackle all your challenges:

Brand Identity

Incorporating your logo and store specific specials, customers know who you are and to expect the highest quality product and service from your store.

Increase Sales

By presenting your products in an organized, eye-catching way, customers can easily find the items they want to order. 

Additionally, digital menus feature specials or new products that can automatically result in up-sells without staff having to say a word.

Cut Costs

With digital signage as your marketing partner, staff can focus more on serving customers instead of explaining what’s on the menu or talking about new products.

Digital signage also gives customers all the information they need about sales, specials and joining a customer loyalty program.

Management and staff no longer spend time manually changing items or messages on static menu boards. Going digital allows you to change messages quickly by entering updated information through a portal.

Positive Customer Experiences

By catching customers’ attention with beautiful digital images, reading the organized menu and finding what they need quickly, you make it easy for customers to come to the store and order.

You give them an efficient, positive experience that eliminates any confusion. Digital signage streamlines and simplifies their experience.

Digital drive-thru menus allow customers to scan products quickly and easily to move more quickly through the line, reducing wait times.

Vibrant digital images and videos show customers everything they didn’t know they wanted like the latte of the month of some mouthwatering pastry. Images increase sales!

EcoDigital Media is Here to Help

Allow our team of experts at EcoDigital Media walk you through the process of taking your store into the digital age.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. After learning more about you and your business, we can help you achieve your ROI, ROO and position your brand for success.

Visit our website today to set up a free digital signage consultation.

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