Like an old alliterative cliche goes, “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” And we have found this to be true in every area of life, including business.

And if there’s anything to properly prepare against the new year, it is your budget!

Benefits of Early and Proper Budget Prep

Preparing your budget whether annual or fiscal before the deadline rush helps you gather quality and relevant information, identify your goals — both the short and the long term ones, make estimations, and also create room for feedback before you finalize.

But not just these, another important reason for early and proper budget preparation is that it allows you to make provision for the exploration of new revenue-generating streams for your business.

And one of these streams is owning a Network of Digital Signage, with which you can reach a large number of people in different locations with information about your business.

Advantages of Owning Digital Signage Networks

Easy Brand Recall and Retention Rate

In a world where attention is the new currency, digital displays on Digital Signage Networks can help you capture more views than static displays. Becoming a trusted resource for up-to-the-minute communication is a value you cannot put a price on. Not only that, your brand will become associated with providing excellent information.

Drastically Cut Printing Cost

With Digital Signage Networks, you can drastically cut down on how much you spend on printing. Budgets for printing materials like brochures, menu boards, traditional billboards, and vinyl pop-ups can be allocated to other needs. The shift to Network Digital Signage not only helps you reduce or eliminate printing costs, it also improves your brand’s perception as being the state of the art standard.

In addition, owning a network of Digital Signage is a vote for a sustainable communication means. The drastic reduction in paper printing directly affects the environment such that trees do not need to be felled nor water wasted in the bid to produce more papers. Hence, we’re left with a better earth and lends itself to the LEED designation. 

Drive More Sales Using Real-time Data

Digital Signage Networks is particularly known to create something called immersive consumer experience. This is as a result of its combo of powerful text, images, and videos, all of which are known to strongly influence purchasing decisions. Another great part is that you can get data analytics and reports on market trends, your target audience buying patterns and recent sales performance via Content Manager.

The contents of these displays can be updated remotely, thus allowing content updates on dozens or even hundreds of displays to be carried out effectively in a few seconds.

Speak To Your Audience When You Want

One powerful advantage of owning digital signage networks is that you can use it to schedule and post your content whenever you want to.

Given the data you gathered about your target audience, you can schedule to play your content at preferred specific times in the day e.g. 9 am in the morning, 3pm afternoon or even 9pm at night. You also get to communicate with your audience when you are not open. People are driving by and walking by- What does your business say about you when you are closed?

Boosts Immediate Purchases

The immersive consumer experience provided by digital signage networks can also drive and accelerate impulse purchases for QSR, retail stores, event venues, hotels and more.

Recent studies indicate that digital signage networks are responsible for the impulse purchases of around 19% buyers.

Planning and Budgeting

Budgeting early against the new year and in a proper fashion with the aim of implementing your network of Digital Signage Monitors, Video Walls or Touch Screens- can be instrumental to your business growth in the new year. Hence this is worth considering, given the advantages as highlighted above.

Already have a network of Digital Signage?

Whether your monitors and content delivery system is set up within one building, across multiple buildings or across the country – If you have not created a budget for the long term maintenance and replacements as needed, we can help with that.

Learn more about Digital Signage Networks, Video Walls or Content Management.

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