As you probably noticed, digital signage is not going away anytime soon. In fact, between 2020 through 2026, the digital signage market is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 6.02%. With these kinds of stats, it’s definitely time for your retail store to go digital.

Here’s why:

Cost Savings

As we slowly venture into a “new normal,” it’s more important than ever for retail stores to spend marketing dollars wisely. For example, compare the marketing budget dollars spent on print advertising, in-store posters, or static copy-based promotional pieces vs. digital signage. The money it takes to write copy, approve proofs, and publish by deadline adds up fast. How much does it cost for staff to manually update print ads in-store posters (shipping too) with each upcoming sale or special promotion? Digital monitors and video walls eliminate all these costs and instead, working with EcoDigital Media partners up with you to provide on-going content management services, keeping your content both fresh, accurate and real-time.

Attention Grab

To increase consumer traffic and sales, the goal is to get your information, products and services in front of more eyes. Customers note and pay attention to crisp color images they can identify with or that appeal to their senses. A digital LED wall display or video screen captures and holds your customers’ attention. Did you know that the human brain processes and responds to visual data 60,000 faster than it does to text?

Now that is the power of digital.

Customer Wait- No Extra Time (net)

Consider customers waiting in line to check or out or for customer service. A well-placed digital screen can provide helpful and informative information while they wait. The perceived wait time passes more quickly for customers and they walk away with additional information about your store, products, and services.

Not bad for just waiting in line.

Better Customer Experience

New and returning customers are those who have a positive experience in your retail store.

Feature the lifestyle experience of new products/services – on your video wall.

Incorporate wayfinding to provide a better customer experience in your store.

Digital monitors placed strategically throughout the store prevent frustrated customers from leaving if they can’t easily find a product or an associate.

When customers can readily find information about upcoming sales or member only events and loyalty programs they will stay longer. Providing information easily through digital monitors allows customers the freedom immerse themselves in the experience you want them to have- creating repeat business.

Positive Business Investment

If saving time, money and enhancing your customers’ experience isn’t enough, consider the image and lighting upgrade your retail store will enjoy by implementing digital signage. Additionally, (check with your CPA), the purchase of digital signage hardware can clearly provide your business with a useful (3-5 years of life), fixed-asset tax benefits. If so, it’s just another example of the potential long-term economic benefits to your business.

High Tech Digital Signage Basics

Your store reflects the brand, culture and environment you want to create for your customers. Today and clearly in the future, going digital is a big part of this culture. As pandemic restrictions are lifted, customers who were limited to mostly on-line shopping are ready to re-engage with retail stores in person. Digital monitors and video walls provide that perfectly smooth transition from on-line to in-person experiences.

Digital signage allows your customers to engage safely even while taking cautious first steps towards re-establishing in-person retail shopping.

We’re Here to Help

When you are ready to make the incredibly rewarding investment of installing digital monitors, kiosks and/or video walls in your retail store, Ecodigital Media is here to help.

At Ecodigital Media, we’ll take the time to talk about your goals and concerns and how a digital signage upgrade can work for your retail store.

We specialize in creating digital menus, LED video walls, digital signage for retail, kiosks and so much more.

Got questions? Reach out to us for the answers.

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