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When it comes to real estate, both homebuyers and renters are searching for convenience.  Gone are the days of the Sunday afternoon open house.  Your potential customers are searching for easy ways to find listings and gather information.  Digital signage not only meets these criteria but improves your ability to market your listings.

Easily update your content

Listings change by the day, if not by the hour.  You need the flexibility to update your listings the second you pull a property off the market.  Through a remote content management platform, you can quickly and easily remove sold or rented properties from your digital signage.  This way, you can avoid fielding calls and requests for locations that are no longer available.

Tailor your content

If your real estate firm has different locations, you likely have different customers with varying preferences.  In the past, you’d be forced to run the same ad at every office, as traditional advertising methods were costly.  However, digital signage enables you to simultaneously use different content at your offices.  Let’s say each of your offices has a digital window display of available properties.  If rentals are more popular at office 1, you can feed rental listings to that window.  If homebuyers frequent office 2, you can feed your sale listings to that window.

Make your listings interactive

Digital signage gives prospective buyers and renters a chance to interact with your listings without physically visiting the spaces.  They can scroll through photos and information about each property right from your office window.  Better yet, you can stream your social media feed, which undoubtedly features beautiful photos and information, and also shows the level of engagement with a property.

Digital signage not only makes the real estate process simpler for the customer, it gives you unprecedented flexibility and reach.

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