Today’s business landscape is teeming with competition with many of the 28 million small businesses in existence working their way up towards becoming mid-sized, and billions of websites online all fighting for a piece of the consumer pie.

That means that effective communication for your organization, both internally and externally, is key to getting out ahead of all of the clutter and making a substantial impact in marketplaces.

Our favorite tool to achieve that end, and one that’s becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes, are video walls.

Video walls are powerful, wall-sized digital displays that can flex to your business’ inward facing and outward facing communication needs.

Below are 5 of the many benefits investing in one can bring to your organization.

1. Clear Communication

You have a reception area and you’d like customers to be able to track where their appointment is at in the queue.

You have limited meeting spaces in your office and you’d like employees to be able to see room availability.

Your building is undergoing an emergency evacuation and you want people to be able to quickly locate the nearest exits.

No matter what your communication needs are, in every one of the above situations, a video wall could have met them. Only your imagination limits what your display can do.

2. Simple Controls

Not all incredible technology needs to be incredibly difficult. Video walls are equipped with a video wall controller that makes managing displays, even with multiple ones set up, simple.

Working with a content management partner makes things even easier, so you can focus on how to put your video wall to best use without being limited by a lack of time or technical understanding.

3. Interactivity

In today’s digital age, consumers expect sophisticated, interactive experiences from businesses.

A video wall enables you to do that with its ability to create and showcase innovative ways to engage with customers across its stunning display.

You can showcase customer feedback as it feeds in from smartphones. You can share your live social feed. The sky is the limit.

4. Less Crash Prone

Have you ever walked into a business and found that monitors they were using to display information were displaying blue screens or seemed to be malfunctioning? Those occurrences come about largely because the processors powering those devices are inept.

With a professional grade video wall, your messages will be powered by state of the art processing technology. This will allow you unprecedented up-time and will never undermine your organization’s professionalism.

5. Multiple Signal Display

If you have the need to view feeds from multiple sources side-by-side on your video wall, no matter the source or its resolution, your wall will be up to the task.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to analyze data in new ways so you can make better business decisions.

Wrapping Up: Key Benefits of a Video Wall System

As we’ve showcased above, a video wall enables businesses to achieve unprecedented flexibility in their communication and problem-solving abilities.

To learn more about the value video walls can bring to your organization, dive deeper into our solutions by clicking here or contact us for your consultation!

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