employee digital signage

In the modern workplace, companies seem to enact more and more ways to communicate with each day. From general emails to Slack to Asana, staying connected is becoming more segmented and complex. Digital signage offers a reprieve from the influx of information and, in the process, helps get your team aligned.

Customer concerns

Customer satisfaction is the core of any business. Without it, it’s difficult to grow or even maintain your profile and sales. Through digital signage, you can broadcast a feed from your Twitter account, and everyone can see exactly what your customers are saying. You can also do this for Yelp and any site where you receive reviews or customer feedback. When it’s displayed on a screen, you ensure the team keeps customers front of mind.

Stay in the know

Not every employee gets invited to the C-suite. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to critical company information. Use digital signage to display presentations and metrics from the latest board meeting. Even if someone missed the meeting, they can still stay up to date.

Spread positivity

Digital signage in the office doesn’t have to be strictly business. Use your screens to broadcast team birthdays and important milestones. You can also share recognition between team members. Think of your digital signage as a way to spread positivity and foster teamwork.

Save time

Instead of checking Slack, emails, Asana, and any other apps or messaging systems, employees can get all pertinent info in one place. This frees them up to work on other important tasks. Better productivity leads to better results.

With digital signage in the workplace, you can keep everyone informed while creating a sense of community.

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