Is there an easy solution for increased sales and product/service promotion, while giving you a high tech, professional image upgrade? Digital menus tick all the boxes in answer to these beauty industry challenges. 

Incorporating digital technology in your small business, or especially in multi-location franchises, tells your customers they are dealing with a company that is head and shoulders above the competition. 

How? By using cutting-edge audio-visual technology highlighting your products, services, specials, latest trends and of course, your talented staff by specialty.

1. Today’s Salons – Standard Signage

While customers wait for their appointments, it’s typical to see almost all of them on their cell phones or noses buried in a magazine.

After COVID-19, magazines are off the table and there’s nothing exciting about spending too much time on a cell phone.

Many salons still use handwritten signs or sandwich boards to display products and services. This standard signage leaves little room to promote your brand.

Another issue with standard static signage is that it requires work to change pricing or add product specials. It doesn’t give promotions or specials those “pop” or “wow” factors. 

Because space is limited, your sign may look messy or crowded. There isn’t room to add information about announcements, news, or upcoming events.

With standard signage, it’s time consuming to constantly remove past event information. At the same time, next to impossible to display results or images from a past training session, survey or community event.

With standard signage, you miss the opportunity to add powerful visual imagery of products, promotions or staff biographies. The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies here when you switch over to image-friendly digital signage.

2. Digital Menus for Today’s Salons

In an Arbitron study, results showed:

  • Digital video in public venues reaches more Americans each month (70%) than video shown over the Internet (43%) or Facebook (41%).
  • Digital video ads have a positive effect on purchasing patterns. Nearly one in five (19%) who have seen a digital video said they made an unplanned purchase after seeing the featured item on the digital screen.


Digital signage is designed to capture the attention of your waiting audience by:

  • Creating visual attention and interest
  • Alleviating boredom / holding customers’ attention
  • Creating a lasting, memorable impression

Digital menus do the advertising for you while you attend to other important things, like improving your customers’ experience.

Digital menu boards educate and entertain your clients while they wait, in addition to the entire time they spend in the chair while the stylist or barber is at work.

The capabilities of digital menus to continuously provide up-to-date images and messages to existing customers keeps them “in the know,” and encourages positive client interaction. These things are important to make your clients feel valued and appreciated.

New clients will be drawn in by the strong emphasis on client interaction and cutting-edge information available to them by simply taking the time for a little self-care.

Content Creation

One of the hottest features of digital menus is customized content creation. You are in control of your menu and your brand message.

As you add services, products or change prices, it’s fast and easy to change and update information.

At the same time, you promote the voice of your brand, escalate your corporate image and encourage customer loyalty.

Custom Content

No two salons are alike. It’s important to quickly add or tweak your customized content into a user-friendly system. 

Choosing the right digital menu partner who handles custom content management for you in real time keeps your content relevant and fresh.

It doesn’t get any easier.

Interactive Content

An incredible feature of content creation is for your customers to interact with your digital menu board with their own digital devices. Whether it’s a cell phone or laptop, opt to offer your clients a direct link with your business for important announcements and updates.

3. Meeting and Beating the Competition

The beauty/hair salons of today generate $62 billion in annual sales. Growth in the salon/spa industry over the last nine years reflects an 18.4% gain, outperforming the overall U.S. economy at 14.9%.

In 2020, there were more than 1.2 million total salon, spa and beauty establishments in the United States.

With impressive stats like these, why would customers choose your business? How do you get them to come back? To tell their friends?

In order to bring customers into your place of business, you need to stand out. While excellent customer service is a no-brainer, there’s still more to do.

Digital signs leave a lasting imprint on your customers. This turns them into repeat customers and your best source for referrals.

Digital menus make it easy to offer customer loyalty rewards or coupons to thank those loyal customers for their business.

Digital signage gives your customers visual inspiration for a new style, a push to try a new product or to come back for a special promotion. A digital menu with state-of-the-art images and text spark client conversations about products and services they aren’t familiar with or may have been hesitant to experiment with.

4. Create Enticing Digital Menus

While you can create a customized digital menu for any product or service, here are a few different types of beauty/hair salons and barbershop business models to consider.

Beauty Salons

Beauty salons differ from hair salons in that they offer a more extensive line of services. 

In addition to hair cuts and styling, beauty salons offer:

  • Skin treatments
  • Facials
  • Eyebrows
  • Waxing
  • Massages
  • Manicures / Pedicures
  • Relaxation/Stress therapy

Hair Salons

Hair salons may offer additional services, but primarily focus on everything hair related. These services include:

  • Haircuts and styling
  • Hair coloring
  • Perms, straightening
  • Hair weaves, extensions
  • Scalp treatments
  • Formal hairstyling (think weddings and proms)


Primarily geared towards men, barbershops typically have a male-oriented theme. 

Digital menu boards allow you to customize the vibe from sports to a gentlemen’s club atmosphere.

The services offered for men to indulge in serious self-care include:

  • Haircuts
  • Shampoo/style
  • Neck massage
  • Hair and scalp treatments
  • Hair color, highlights
  • Beard or moustache trimming
  • High end services include eyebrows, nails, and facials

Whether promoting products, services or the general atmosphere, digital menus keep it simple, yet effective.

The Best in Beauty Services

Customers need to know exactly what types of beauty services you offer. While both waiting for the stylist and chair time during their appointment, they’ll focus on the digital sign, which explains everything they need to know.

Trendy Beauty Products

Another way to increase sales is to promote salon-quality hair care and beauty products. A stylist may recommend a product to solve an issue. 

Based on the stylist’s recommendation and the information gained from your digital menu board, upselling becomes much easier.

5. Promote Your Brand with Digital Menus

Digital menu boards take your establishment up a notch in a tech-savvy, image boosting way. An eye-catching, professional menu of your products provides just the refresh your salon needs.

Brand management complete with customized logos and crisp images have never been easier to promote.

Summing It Up

Industry leaders leave a clear, confident business message with their customers. Digital signage help you deliver your unique message, while catapulting you into industry leader status with increased sales and more satisfied customers.

Trust your brand to the experts at EcoDigital Media, a national leader in complete digital signage services and solutions. We can show you how to choose the correct digital signage solutions to deliver content and increase sales.

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