digital signage healthcare

When patients pay a visit to their doctor, they want thorough and efficient care. But far too often, their experience is hampered by confusing hospital layouts, poor communication, and lengthy wait times. It may not be possible to fix these issues immediately, but there are ways to alleviate some of the attached headaches and craft a better overall experience—with digital signage.

Improve the waiting room

Even when patients have a specific appointment time, they may end up waiting for several minutes or, in some cases, hours. This leads to frustration and panic. When customers wait without explanation or at least an estimate of when they’ll see the doctor, they automatically think the wait time is longer than it actually is. Digital signage can reduce the conflict by posting estimated wait times and the queue of patients. Additionally, this signage can post important information about the hospital and broadcast news, weather, and sports scores to keep patients engaged during their waits.

Interactive wayfinding

Most hospitals are constructed with lengthy corridors and several levels. Navigating these spaces without a guide is confusing and leads to wasted time. Digital signage can provide interactive maps of the hospital, so patients can figure out exactly where they are and map out a plan to get to their destination.

Showcase the staff

Patients want to be assured that they’re in good hands. Utilize digital signage in the waiting areas and beyond to showcase information about the doctors on site. Give their background stories, certifications, and patient testimonies. Once you have patients’ attention, make it worthwhile by providing the information they crave.

Hospital visits can be stressful but with digital signage, that stress won’t be caused by wait times, wayfinding, or lack of hospital information.

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