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By Kris Asleson, digital strategist and managing partner at Midas Marketing.

We only remember 10% of the information we receive. However, we remember 65% of the information we receive that has an image associated with it.

Our brains are great at remembering visual pictures. As the world around us changes, the power of pictures has remained a constant. Interactive digital signage is becoming the most memorable way to convey information to the public.

Engaging customers and employees with digital signage is great, but incorporating an online marketing campaign into your digital signage strategy is even better.

Here are 4 ways businesses can supercharge their digital signage efforts by incorporating digital marketing tactics as well.

1. Run Promotions from Screen to Screen

Digital signage displays offer one big advantage (literally) compared to cell phones: screen size.

Contests are generally exciting as is, but displaying them on your screens will be sure to generate even more buzz.

Promote contests such as raffles, giveaways, or discounts that the viewer can access by visiting a specific landing page or social media profile on their phone.

You can also turn wait time frustration into a valuable, fun experience for your customer or client by effectively implementing this strategy. In fact, properly placed signage can eliminate stress by psychologically reducing customer wait times.

Add a contest into the mix, and this truth becomes even more powerful.

2. Bring Attention to Your Social Media Content

Social media is a wonderful way to communicate to your existing customers and attract new ones.

However, in an overcrowded jungle guided by algorithms, it’s getting harder and harder to get your content seen organically.

You automatically have a rare opportunity to capture attention and engage when customers are on-site. Stream your best social media content directly to your digital signs and gain fans and followers without spending additional resources.

Be sure to think strategically about sign placement as well. A good place for your sign would be in a waiting room, lobby or line area.

3. Using Hashtags to Promote Your Brand

Take your social media stream to the next level by incorporating a hashtag strategy. Hashtags are a great way to use online marketing with your digital sign, as they are a powerful tool in social media, especially with Twitter and Instagram.

Encourage users to post to the appropriate social network with a specific hashtag related to your business. Not only does this engage your customers, but it instills deep brand loyalty as well when executed properly.

Combine this strategy with the promotional angle mentioned earlier, and you’ll be firing on all cylinders when it comes to leveraging online marketing to support your digital signage content strategy.

4. Re-purpose Blog Content

We all know content is king, but it’s a lot less effective if nobody is reading or seeing it.

For businesses that want to do more than run a social media contest, showcasing your blog content through your digital signage displays will add meaningful value to those reading it. This gives your business a chance to engage your audience at a deeper level, establish thought leadership, and build trust.

You can strategically show blog posts that address the top objections raised as prospects consider your products or services. Who knows, you may even close a deal while a prospect waits in your lobby!

Online Marketing + Digital Signage

Leveraging online marketing with interactive digital signage can add significant value to both marketing channels. Looking to discuss your own digital signage strategies? Contact us today!

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