Here’s what you can expect for the project plan steps and timelines for installation of your new digital outdoor signs.

After permits are issued from your locale, it typically takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete these next steps:

  • Site Assessment
  • Underground locates
  • Site concrete pad prep
  • Electrical and Communications
  • Excavation & Concrete Pour
  • Digital Signage Hardware installation (1 day)
  • Content Delivery Installation
  • Go Live

However, some times unexpected things can add time, such as:

  • Slow Sign Permits – some municipalities can take up to 3 months to issue permits. Ask what their regular timeline is when applying and adjust accordingly.
  • Excavation – if we run into an unexpected pipe, irrigation or underground water it can cause delays
  • Internet or power interruption
  • Supply Chain – some vendors may be backlogged.
  • Weather – depending on region and season, rain, snow and high winds may slow down construction.

The good news is that we at EcoDigital Media are experienced with these issues and are here to help you every step of the way to eliminate or reduce foreseeable obstacles.

Your installation will be done right and on-budget!

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