When considering placement of outdoor digital signs, don’t forget to look at walls on available structures. There are so many advantages to wall mounted digital signs including significant cost savings.

You’ll still get all the attention-getting action of a digital sign, but mounted on the wall instead of a stand-alone pier or a kiosk. Since “time is money, the message is clear. 

The first advantage is that there is minimal site prep and infrastructure needed.

Second, there is no underground electrical or data installation necessary. No digging in the ground  avoiding unknown hazards and mess.

Third, wall mounted signs are self-contained. You don’t need to build a kiosk structure to hold them. They are installed by attaching to the walls you already have, indoor or outdoor. Resulting in once again saving time and money.

Don’t worry! Peerless XHB554 series monitors are weather-proof and sealed tight. They are designed to be in the extreme elements hot or cold.

So, when considering where to put your next digital signage, look around at the structures and buildings you already have. Chances are that you can save tons of money and weeks of construction time by going with wall mounted signs.

Contact EcoDigital Media for a free site assessment to see if wall mounted digital signs would be best on your property.

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