Consumers love digital, in fact, they crave screen time. Sports bars, spas, quick serve restaurants, hospitals, and even hair cutting places have discovered that customers want their services provided with a side of video content. If you don’t give them satisfying digital content along with your products and services, they will go to a competitor that does.

Customers rely on your digital video wall or networked screens to get the vital information where they are, to effectively use your services or do business with you. Whether they are getting updated scores, finding their way through a hospital, chilling at a spa, or just ordering a cappuccino, content must sizzle!

In the business and marketing space, content is king, and digital signage is no exception. EcoDigital Media’s creative services division delivers targeted, in-brand results that maximize the engagement of your audience and propel your business forward. Our technically cloud based agnostic platform may allow integrations seamlessly across your work environment with scalability. 

Already have a digital signage system? Great! We can still help with Content Management Services. What good is a frying pan without the bacon that sizzles?

EcoDigital Media’s Custom Content Solutions Include:

Maximized Engagement

We design beautiful, real-time content to achieve targeted results that are in line with your company’s specific goals. Unique and well-crafted content is an imperative part of engaging your existing audience while attracting new ones. Custom content is vital when it comes to the nurturing process, so getting it right the first time is a critical link in your marketing efforts to increase your customer satisfaction and sales where appropriate. At the same time, since it allows for quick updates, you can respond and react quickly when something isn’t working, or add more of the type of content that is working!

Brand Adherence    

You’ve built your business around the integrity of your brand, and that includes how you’re marketed to the world. As digital marketing specialists, we ensure that we work within your branding guidelines to guarantee that all of your custom content is compliant and in tune with your existing digital identity. Going through rebranding? Digital Signage updates across all properties at one time with little “labor” involved, and it’s performed virtually. 

Design & Deployment

Our highly specialized skill set allows us to design the custom content solutions that you need to deploy the most up-to-date information to your employees, customers and other internal stakeholders through a technically agnostic visual communications network. Through spatial design, we can configure and customize layouts to your network of locations no matter where they are located.

Subscription Content: 

Using mood-enhancing content to improve everyone’s satisfaction. 
Curious about how to soothe waiting room environments or convert your meeting rooms at your office into relaxing places for employees to unwind? 

We pair C.A.R.E. TV to captivate your audience with a thoughtful digital signage experience. We offer cross-platform solutions for various industries including healthcare, corporate, retail, retirement communities, and schools.

Art Gallery – Original

Using digital signage technology, we transmit digital artwork anywhere.

Partnered with Loupe – an artist’s agent, we generate a constant stream of breath-taking digital art.  Ready for show, you can subscribe to a stand-alone art piece or as one of a number of works shown in succession. See samples.

Subscription feeds are limitless covering all categories:
  • Infotainment including social media
  • Weather selections are local, national, international, and alerts
  • Health includes nutrition, exercise and trends
  • News choices are interviews or headlines

It truly is a digital world out there. Customers expect your interactions to include digital screens to assist them in doing business with you and to entertain them while they wait.

EcoDigital Media is your source for custom content management to take your business to the next level. Contact us for a demo or site assessment by scheduling a quick call.  

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