The dramatic and rapid development of 5th screen technology makes a new kind of content possible across multiple disciplines. Digital signage is a dynamic, real-time way to convey information to the masses. It can be customized, updated and changed easily.

Many institutions, companies and managers of public spaces the world over are examining the best ways to put this technology to good use. We’ve seen digital signage simultaneously solve problems and provide benefits in a few very important ways that impact day to day life for just about all of us.

1) Day to day transit challenges

With real time information about transit hubs, wait times, and estimated times of arrival all available digitally, electromechanical signage is now almost completely obsolete in terminals, and dynamic digital signage is rapidly taking over bus, light rail and ride service information.

2) Waiting 

We spend a lot of time waiting; for appointments in clinics, for services, at elevators. Would you have thought there was a more productive way to wait? Many of us prefer not to have screens which cycle the news. But we do benefit from information that can help us with self care, for example, at the clinic. Optimizing the impact and usefulness of all of this content is what we are about. As all the systems around us become more complex, content guidance can help us clarify what’s going on, and help us make decisions.

If you’ve been waiting to make the jump to a visual communications network, now is the time. Let’s talk about how our integrated platform can help you build a better business.



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