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Digital signage is becoming central to indoor advertising endeavors.

Check out the numbers.

The digital signage industry was worth $19.6 billion in the United States in 2016. By 2032, that figure’s set to reach more than $32 billion.

Clearly, this is a thriving industry that’s growing fast. For good reason. Digital signs are engaging, cost-effective ways of increasing sales and awareness.

But having your signs and knowing where to put them are two very different things.

Not all locations are made equal in the world of digital signage. Want to find out the newest and greatest places to put your signs that’ll ensure maximum effectiveness and ROI?

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6 New Digital Signage Spots to Boost Indoor Advertising

In digital signage, as in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Here we go then: 6 of the best (and newest) places to put your indoor media.

1. Elevators

Elevators offer advertisers an ideal advertising setup.

People are confined to one location, probably lack cell phone signal, and have very little to look at. Their attention’s there for the taking! It’s a perfect spot for your digital signage.

Consider advertising in shopping malls, hotels, apartment complexes and so on- wherever it makes commercial sense to place adverts in elevators.

It’s worth taking into account the length of time people spend in elevators though. Ads should be attention-grabbing and display information rapidly. You need to succeed in attracting interest between floors!

Likewise, the exact position of your adverts should be considered too. For instance, in busy elevators it’s likely that people will be looking upwards; anything below eye level is unlikely to be seen in a crowded space.

2. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another prime piece of advertising real estate.

At the end of the day, everyone visits the bathroom! You can guarantee that people are going to see your ads. There’s nothing new about placing digital signage in bathrooms though, right? Wrong.

Well, sort of.

It’s true that bathrooms have been prime signage territory for some time now. You’ve probably seen them above urinals, inside cubicles, next to sinks, on doors, and in entrance ways.

However, there are some key developments in terms of exact bathroom signage spots.

Smart sink faucets offer one example. Place your hands under for the touch-free washing functionality, and see advertising content on a display there. Likewise, smart mirrors are being used with increasing frequency.

The ‘mirror’ displays as a full-screen ad until it senses someone approaching. The display then switches to function as a mirror, with the advert moved and compacted into a corner.

3. Fitting Rooms

Those smart mirrors would work wonders in fitting rooms too.

The ads would show for as long as the person’s trying on their clothes.

The benefits of fitting room digital signage doesn’t stop there.

Imagine that you own a clothing store. In your fitting rooms you have an interactive digital sign that enables shoppers to check your inventory, ask for help, and request a different size, and so on. It could also display reviews of clothing, or show celebrities that wear the same item.

Perhaps it could suggest matching shoes, and/or accessories based on their previous preferences and choices.

It would simplify the fitting room process too. For instance, the shopper could see what sizes are available, prior to asking staff members to look in the back.

4. Gyms

Gyms are another place you may have already seen digital signs.

There’s ample opportunity for advertising here. Think about it. Gyms often have bathrooms, shops, saunas, machines, mirrors, and more. It’s prime advertising territory.

You have a mass of people in one place for a number of hours. Everyone’s looking to get fitter and stronger. Supplement stores, health-food manufacturers, protein-bar makers, and so on all stand to benefit.

Advertisers would do well to do some market research first.

Look at the clientele in the gym. How old are they? Where do they live? Where do they work? All of this information will help you target ads appropriately.

5. Bars and Restaurants

Restaurants and digital signs are a match made in heaven.

Take the example of McDonalds. Customers now place their orders using simple, interactive digital menus. The signs advertise all food, offers, deals, and new meals available. They provide useful information too, such as where you fall in the queue, and which food is already sold out.

The signs speed up and simplify the ordering process, allow the restaurant to handle more orders, enhance the customer experience, and reduce the burden on employees.

Even higher-end restaurants stand to gain. Digital signs above bars and in other strategic places can advertise deals and discounts, for example.

6. Public Transport

Public transport is the new frontier for indoor advertising.

We’re just starting to see the promise of digital signs on public transport.

It’s useful for everyone. People on buses, trains, coaches, and airplanes receive useful information about their trip. They can be told how many stops are left, where to go for their onward travel, be informed of certain attractions in the area, or how long remains of their journey.

Likewise, advertisers benefit from having people in one place for an extended period of time. There’s only so much to do on public transport. People’s attention will be drawn naturally to any ads in their environment.

Transport terminals present more valuable ad space. Think of the swathes of people passing through every minute of every day. That’s a lot of eyes on your ads.

Time to Get Advertising

There you have it: 6 new places for digital signage that’ll boost your indoor advertising.

This growing industry offers serious advantages to your advertising efforts.

But, for maximum effect, you need to know where to put them. Hopefully, the information here has provided some new ideas for where to advertise next!

Elevators, bathrooms, fitting rooms, gyms, bars, restaurants, and public transport services all present perfect digital signage opportunities. Set your ads here for maximum exposure and ROI.

Would you like support getting your digital signage set up? Get in touch here to find out how we can help.

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