digital menu boards

As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your customers up to date with all your latest sales and schedules.

A digital menu board can be used by customers to get most of their information about your establishment as they make purchasing decisions.

A good, sharp looking menu board can be the driving point of your restaurant, dental office, spa, or other establishment. And digital menu boards are a wonderful way to achieve that look. But it’s not just nice to look at, it’s cost-effective and convenient too.

If you’re on the fence about getting a digital menu board for your business, here are 10 ways a digital menu board can increase your sales.

1. Use It to Upsell

You know what your customers like to buy, and what they like to buy it with. If you have two items that go perfectly together or items that customers frequently purchase together, you can use your digital menu boards to place those items strategically and update it as trends change.

2. Daily Updates and Features

If you have specials that change by the day, or if you want to celebrate employee birthdays or a store anniversary, you can use a digital menu to advertise these things. It’s a good way to share important things with your customers and to make them feel like family.

3. Be Open About Ingredients

If you manage a restaurant, you know how customers love to know what’s in their food. If there’s room for you to put the ingredients on your board, do it. You should be proud of your food, and doing this will keep your health-conscious customers coming back!

4. Keep It Updated

Often times with physical menus it can be difficult and expensive to update and change things when they become outdated. As your services and prices evolve, you don’t want to lose precious income or customer rapport during the lag time created by printing updated menus and signs. Digital display boards are great for quick, easy updates.

5. Easy Corrections

Nothing makes you look more unprofessional than spelling errors. A digital display board allows you to correct spelling and grammatical errors with ease, and without a costly reprint.

6. Broadcast Available Products

If a customer waits in line for a specific product that’s on the menu and gets to the counter to find that you’ve run out of it, it can lead to a headache situation for everyone involved. A digital menu board allows you to keep the customers in the know about what you have and don’t have, especially if you are a business with fluctuating inventory.

7. Quickly Handle Product Recalls

It’s a pain when a company has to recall their product/service for any reason. But if you have digital menu boards you can update everything and keep your customers in the loop. The faster you can do this, the more they’ll be impressed by you and trust your brand.

8. Calories Count

The FDA requires everyone to be open and honest about the calorie content of their food. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Your customers will appreciate knowing what’s in their food and they’ll also spend more time looking at your menu.

9. Update Prices

Digital menu boards are also an excellent tool to be able to update any necessary price changes. If you have to bump up the price of an item, it allows you to do that easily. This little change can add up to a lot, sales-wise.

10. Seasonal Promotions

If you know you’re bound to have an influx of customers, based on the weather or a holiday season, your digital menu boards can be a great source of revenue for you. You can update with special promotions at the drop of a hat, not worrying about costly printing.

Digital Menu Boards are the Future of Business Management

No matter what you use them for, digital menu boards are bound to become the go-to investment for many business owners across a vast scope of verticals. They’re a great way to update your store and keep everything fresh, and they can save you a lot of money over time on reprinting old menus and keeping things up to date.

If you need help working out your digital signage solution, contact us today to see how we can help!

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