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An Introduction to Digital Display Boards

The benefits of a digital display board outweigh those of a static, analog sign by so much that there really is no longer any reason to ask if a conversion should be made.

Two top reasons are beauty and power.

It goes without saying that with today’s technology, a good graphic designer can make a digital display board as enticing for a customer as anything. In the old days, changing the black letters on a white light-box sign allowed no opportunity for creativity or memorability. Today, however, a business can communicate using full-on murals if it wants to.

Once a digital display board’s content has been designed, it can be sent instantly to any number of boards in any number of locations, thousands of miles apart. In contrast to yesterday’s methods, a company now has the power to have one graphic designer at headquarters create a layout and essentially click Send, populating every location with the new content immediately, and move on to other work.


A good digital display board firm can also provide custom content on a one-time or ongoing basis, depending on client needs. For one monthly subscription, a business owner can simply say, “Here’s the message I want to communicate, and here’s when.” In fact, digital display designers and their colleagues are basically marketing professionals; a truly top-tier company can generate their own elegant, on-brand content and deliver it to clients, hassle-free.

And in an all-digital environment, anything is possible. A nightclub could install a digital display board on the ceiling with stars that twinkle dynamically–or even a replica of the actual sky above the club that night. At EcoDigital Media, our goal is to wow our clients by wowing their customers. If you can imagine it, we can create it.


Some inexperience digital or audio visual firms try to reduce their overhead by using cheap hardware from the google store or by purchasing commercial equipment but the wrong type. Either way it’s not a good plan now or for future objectives. At EcoDigital, we know that if you’re paying for beautiful clear digital displays, delays and replacing equipment simply aren’t acceptable. That’s why we deploy top-of-the-line commercial grade equipment to keep our clients’ displays displaying for every minute they’re needed. 

We usually handle the installation as well. This way there’s no third-party mix-ups or other chaos that comes from trying to work with other people’s equipment. We’re directly responsible for making sure your new digital display board gets off the ground smoothly (unless, of course, you want it on the ground!).

Making the Transition to a Digital Display Board

When you send EcoDigital a message, you’ll get a savvy, professional response from a real human with experience in the field. We know what questions to ask and what needs specific industries tend to need. We love getting creative and breaking those norms when we can, too!

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