We’ve been waiting for this day to come along all year long!

In 2022, I decided to devote myself more seriously to learning about wine. Although I have moved away from buying wine from a couple of my long-time wineries,  (sometimes you just need to move on)… I stepped up my conversation to that as Owner of WVV – stock that is, one can only dream.

What it means to me is I become an ambassador for wine varietals not only exploring what makes those varieties special in their native soil, but having the conversations that bring them into a larger context. I waited a long time to “join. What tipped me over the edge, Yes, they started making bubbles! And overall I needed a place to have these types of conversations and stop boring my friends who are not enthusiasts.  I find nothing more challenging than a tasting room person telling me what I’m about to taste before I have even tasted it, ugh! 

Bubbles! Really delicious delicate fine effervescents, that make me smile with the first sip. One thing, as a long time wine adorer, waxing on about the way the wine flavor changes as it’s poured into my glass and then continues its evolution during a meal;see what I mean… I could have easily changed industries when I returned from France 2005.  Now add a video wall or digital menu to the setting and my world is complete. Everyone has a story to share. 

Wherever you are on your wine journey, enjoy a glass on this day. The 10th person to reply to this email with a “yes, I’d love to”,  will Be my guest at one of the  tasting rooms in Oregon or Washington. Travel is on your own! 

If you live outside the Pacific Northwest, we might be able to find another way for you to participate. Cheers

We know you’re going to have a blast. But before you do, make sure you watch this video:

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