Digital signage offers a unique way for brands to stand out from the crowd and capture potential customers’ attention.  But securing the hardware is only part of the strategy.  It’s the content that truly drives an engaging digital experience.

The importance of the digital experience

The digital experience serves a few crucial purposes for a brand or company, regardless of the industry.  It encourages more meaningful interactions for longer periods of times, it communicates information faster than other traditional means, and it’s customizable for both your customer and your business’ changing needs.  But again, these aspects only matter if your content is compelling.

How to deliver an engaging experience

Your digital signage should be relevant and offer an immediate impact on the customer’s life. For example, if you’re an apparel retailer, you could use an interactive Pinterest board in-store. Customers could style digital outfits first to figure out their personal style and the purpose of their trip.  In turn, this could lead to higher conversion rates.

Also, deliver the right information at the right time.  You don’t want your content to display randomly.  You want to target your messages for the highest penetration—you want the highest probability that your message will be seen by your target customer.  Thus, you need to schedule your content for optimal delivery.

Lastly, update your content frequently to reflect the most current promotions, info, or directions.  And, make it social.  The more people can like, share, and comment on your content, the more engaged they’ll be.

Delivering an engaging experience is all about providing value to your end user and encouraging interaction. 

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