Two things you cannot go to Ireland and not encounter or be curious about; Castles and History! Both of which I had the pleasure of and privilege of immersing myself in last year. It’s with humble offering I share a bit as St. Patricks Day approaches and you dawn your best green dress!

A hearty salutation from Ireland to the EcoDigital Community. My name is Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin and I am a poet and singer from county Limerick. I work with my mother and my brother as a guide for two, 7-day tours in Ireland each summer. 

The role of guide has been an unexpected blessing in the pursuit of my creative life. Introducing people to the poetry, music and places that are dear to me and my family has been a dynamic way to place the art I have curated in an attempt to communicate with holy places and prehistoric sites in Ireland. 

It was on one of these expeditions that I met the uproarious Kimberly Brecko in Ireland last year. We traveled to a monastic ruin at the estuary of the River Shannon called Scattery Island. A magnificent ruin and the first of the majestic series of monastic sites that the ancient sailors would have encountered coming from the wild Atlantic off the west coast of Ireland.   

These monastic sites are places which I played as a child while my mother, Rev. Nóirín Ní Riain, also guided people to break the surface and find the spiritual meaning of a place. Nóirín often says to those who follow her to spiritual places, both Christian and prehistoric, that ‘You are not tourists here, you are pilgrims’…

Poetry and music, just like any passion we follow in our lives, is indeed a pilgrimage. It is all about the journey, not a destination. Our lives so easily pass us by unless we are attuned to this pilgrimagical realization. 

So, as the giddy week of St. Patrick’s festival approaches this month, be mindful of your own journey of your soul. May the pilgrim path be kind to you today and may the beauty of the world help you gather sustenance for the challenging journey ahead. Who knows, maybe we will meet in Ireland or beyond someday.”

Find Mícheál’s work with his family at the link below, and he offers one to one poetic process sessions online and online singing sessions where he passes on the varied ancient and modern music and poetry he has curated over his life:

Want to reach out –

The Scene of the Crime! Yes, I “got to” stay here: with the help of our Castle Manager Marie-Therese we experienced the castle to its fullest!

Glin Castle, a Georgian country house and national heritage site located along the River Shannon in Glin, County Limerick, Ireland.  

The castle is a beautiful example of Irish architecture and history. The castle has been restored, so you can admire the workmanship that went into building it hundreds of years ago. A huge part of the castle is the garden… 

Story has it that: 

In the 14th century the Lord of Desmond elevated an illegitimate son to the hereditary knighthood of Glin. He built Glin Castle within the village of Glin, which became the permanent seat of the Knight of Glin. You can’t write this stuff!

How does all this relate to Digital Signage? – well, digital signage is a great way to address communications in multiple locations and help tell stories in historical buildings and not mess with the property itself. 

  1. No hardwiring required
  2. Free standing kiosks with displays maintain building integrity
  3. All paired with great content you can make this look like it fits right into the environment.

AND tada! A new communication tool is implemented into a building that is thought of as historical and restricted by “changes” that are not allowed to take place. 

As you celebrate all things Irish today, don’t forget to check out our digital signage and content management services. We have some great ideas for how businesses can use digital signage technology even inside historical venues-  increase visibility, storytelling and experiences leading to enhanced sales while maintaining a positive image with customers! 

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