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The digital signage and digital display advertising market is booming worldwide. As the technology continues to improve over the 2020 decade, the popularity of digital signage is expected to grow to reach new heights. Through advancements in artificial intelligence, personalization, interactivity,  hardware, and more, digital advertising will continue to provide businesses with new and exciting ways to advertise and maximize customer engagement. If you haven’t already made the switch to digital signage, there’s no time like the present! But what makes digital signage design effective and engaging? 

Introduction to Digital Signage Design

There are many things to consider when selecting and designing digital signage for your business or institution. Below are just a few key questions to ask yourself before getting started: 

  • How will your business use digital signage and what is your goal? Digital signage can be a means to many ends — from advertising, to information sharing, to customer engagement and more. Before getting down to the design of your digital signage, you need to have a clear goal and purpose. Keep in mind, you can design your digital signage to serve multiple purposes.
  • What will your setup look like? You’ll want to consider the placement, size and number of screens that will allow you to achieve your goals. For example, if you are using digital signage for your restaurant menu you may want an interactive, touch-screen kiosk, or an outdoor sign for your drive-thru. But if you are using digital signage to display information, perhaps an indoor display screen at the entrance of your building would be a better set up.
  • What is your budget? Think about how much you currently spend on menus or advertising and how much you might be able to save in the long run, while investing in better outcomes. 
  • How can you make the content informative, clear, exciting and engaging? Remember that well-designed and professional content is an absolutely essential piece of the overall puzzle. Working with professional digital content designers will ensure high-quality results that reflect well on your business and result in a great return on your investment. 

Professional Signage Design

In order to fully capitalize on the opportunities that digital signage presents, it’s best to consult and partner with an expert in the field. Professional digital signage design will:

  • Involve careful planning, hardware and software selection to achieve the best results within your budget. 
  • Configure a digital signage setup that makes the most sense, attracts attention and engages your customers or potential customers. 
  • Present creative, high-quality, custom content that aligns with your brand and results in great outcomes for your business.

Your Options for Digital Screens

A digital signage consultant will assist you to determine the best screen depending on your specific needs. In general, the three most popular types of screens for digital signage are: LED, LCD and OLED.

  • LED Screens: Light Emitting Diode (LED) screens are a great option for indoor, outdoor and large-scale settings alike due to their rich color display, contrast levels and flexibility.
  • LCD Screens: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens are typically more affordable and lightweight than LED screens. On the other hand, they tend to be more limited in terms of their brightness, contrast levels and viewing angles, making them a better option for close-up viewing.
  • OLED Screens: Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screens are the newest and most expensive of the three screen options. They are preferred for their low weight, energy efficiency, maximum contrast and extremely high resolution. They are also very thin because they do not require any backlighting. 

Which screen is best for your digital signage display will depend on the placement of the screen, your budget, the content you’ll be screening and many other factors. Therefore, it’s a good idea to further explore your options with a professional digital signage consultant

Digital Signage Design for your Business

If you’re ready to make the switch to digital signage, our team at EcoDigital Media is here to support you through each and every step of the process. From digital menu boards to video walls and more, we’ll help position your brand for success. To further explore your options or to take the plunge, contact us for a free digital signage consultation!

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