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Major companies all over the world are turning to digital advertising displays. There are many reasons for this digital shift: reduced environmental impact, lower advertising costs in the long run, increased sales… but perhaps the key reason for going digital is the opportunity to present more impactful, engaging content that can capture the attention and high expectations of younger generations. Statistics show that over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and humans process visuals 60,000x faster than text. Digital display advertising capitalizes on these facts by putting visuals at the forefront of your promotional efforts. 

What is Digital Display Advertising?

Digital display advertising, or digital signage, can bring to life your most creative ideas and visuals. But what exactly is digital signage? Simply put, it’s a marriage of three components: a screen, a connection to a media player and some software. Once you have this technology in place, you just need beautiful, eye-catching and engaging content to bring it all together. 

Popular Choices for Digital Advertising Display Screens

Some popular choices or types of displays include: 

  • Video Walls : LED video wall displays can help you create the most visually-stimulating advertising experience by drawing on the power and potential of video. Think Times Square-style content. 
  • Digital Posters: This is perhaps the most simple and obvious form of digital advertising, where the screen is placed flat against a wall like a poster. This option takes up less space and works well for interactive screens.  
  • Free Standing Digital Advertising Displays: This form of signage is floor mounted and is often used for interactive kiosks with touch screen technology, or to make an advertisement the centerpiece of a room. 
  • Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage: This is a more subtle, less obvious option, but is great for saving space and drawing attention upwards. 
  • Outdoor Signage: This form of digital signage, including digital billboards, is becoming increasingly popular. It’s important to note that outdoor signage requires additional components like protective enclosures, waterproofing and cooling, heating and airflow systems. 

Regardless of the type of signage  you go with, when selecting the specific screen, you’ll want to make sure the picture is as clear and vivid as possible. Vividness, or resolution, is measured in pixels –  the higher the pixels, the better the picture. 

Digital Display Advertising Examples

When you take your advertising digital, the possibilities are truly endless! 
Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing: 

  • Digital Menu Boards: Restaurants, cafes and drive-thrus (like Starbucks) are replacing their cumbersome, ever-changing menu boards with digital signage. This saves time and money, reduces waste and allows for more enticing visuals.
  • Social Media Walls:  Let your customers/audience create content for you in real time! This is a great way to engage younger generations, encourage interaction with your brand and expand your online presence. Have you ever been to a sporting event where the audience could submit a tweet with a photo and tag the team’s social accounts? This concept can be applied to your business and brand in many other, smaller-scale ways too.
  • In-Store Promotions and Campaigns: Great for retail, restaurants, and hospitality businesses. For example, a Toyota dealership in Arizona installed a large, digital projection screen and 45 display screens to stream seven different channels of content, from model features to accessory options and general entertainment.
  • Other examples: digital billboards, digital directories for your office or school, interactive kiosks, real-time informational screens for hospitals or transportation companies.. And many more! 

Digital Advertising Displays: Wrapping Up

Switching to digital advertising displays can help your business keep up with the times and the high expectations of younger generations. Beyond the many practical reasons for going digital, it’s more creative and FUN for both your business and your customers! To learn more, you can contact us for a complimentary consultation and let us guide you through the endless possibilities. 

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