Top 5 Advantages of Using Electronic Menu Boards

A woman orders food in the touch screen terminal in the electronic menu in the restaurant

Digital screens are rapidly replacing all types of static signage as a more convenient and up to the minute source of information. And because it is easier to communicate via text or video, digital content can even be used internally for training purposes!

But what can digital menus really do for you and your restaurant or business?

Check out these five advantages of electronic menu boards and why you need to make the change this year!

Updating Items

One of the best things about having a digital menu board is being able to update content quickly and easily when you work with a company like ours that provides Content Management Services.

Electronic boards can help you manage signage across different locations within a store or even across different building’s in multiple locations.

Not only does this give you more control over what your signs look like for consistancy, but it also allows us to work with you remotely.


Another benefit of using digital menus is that they make it possible to highlight new items and encourage your customers to purchase spontaneously additional products.

You can put up new items for sale, suggest complementary products to customers and announce special offers by using me of sothe same content you use on your social media.

Quickly promoting products and test-marketing different specials can save you time, money, and the hassle and cost of moving forward with something that doesn’t appeal to your customer.


The convenience of having your signage update automatically is another advantage to having it networked and working with professional to strategize and update your content regularly.

Digital menus allow you to tailor your offerings to different groups of customers. You can focus on certain demographics based on location and who your audience is in each individual location. You can set up the menu so that it auto-updates or changes throughout the day, every day.

No More Print

Digital menu boards offer many advantages over printed versions: they are easier to update and can include photos, videos and interactive elements.

74% of customers say that having a menu that’s easy to read is the most important part of the sales experience. A digital menu board allows you make adjustments with a simple communication.

Electronic boards are more flexible in how you’re able to present your items. The ability to adjust size and brightness can make menus easier for customers—and potential new ones—to read leading to quicker decisions and sales.

Brand Consistency

Yet another important aspect of switching to a digital menu board is being able to connect customers to your brand.

90% of customers today expect similar experiences across all platforms. Because of this, it’s become more important than ever to have consistent branding throughout all of your assets.

Having a consistent brand from your website to your social media and in store promotions or menus can help remind customers of your business’ values.

Switching to An Electronic Menu

Electronic menus simplify how you and your customers interact with boards. They allow for changes to be made quickly, providing a more convenient experience than paper versions of menus.

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