Portland, Ore. Wednesday, May 2, 2018 –EcoDigital Media, a leader in national digital communications, has recently partnered with TransitScreen. The two joined together to create a technology that is transforming the transit experience for passengers during a time when many cities and industries are facing rapid change.

In the past, transit terminals may have relied on expensive, printed bus schedules and more recently, digital formats. Today, with TransitScreen and EcoDigital Media, it is as simple as a glance at a screen and a passenger can check the estimated time of arrival of their Uber, or find out when their next bus will depart. This cutting-edge transit technology can help users locate their nearest coffee shop, or see if they should bring an umbrella to their next appointment.

If that next stop happens to be a healthcare facility, this new solution aims to improve end user experiences. Not only have healthcare organizations had to triage their patients, but also their guests and visitors, many of whom are only trying to find their way to the elevator, or need pointed in the right direction. “We have found that this is one of the best contributors toward the patient care experience and a time-saver for healthcare providers,” said Kimberly Brecko, CEO of EcoDigital Media. “Having the information guests are looking for, readily available to them, in real-time means valuable time and resources aren’t being spent on giving directions or chasing down bus schedules, but instead, are invested in improving patient care.”

In some cases, legacy organizations have been waiting decades for an advanced technological solution to such challenges, and are now able to reduce overhead costs, resource allocation, while still improving outcomes and experiences through the TransitScreen partnership with Custom Content and Digital Signage, provided by EcoDigital Media.“We are proud to be a solutions-oriented technology, in an era when many companies and communities are faced with ambiguous challenges,” said Brecko.

For more information about this partnership, please contact Kimberly Brecko at 971-270-0705.

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