how much does digital signage cost

The global digital signage market is booming. Estimated at USD 18.55 billion in 2018, it’s anticipated to grow at a rate of 8% and reach USD 31.71 billion by 2025, due to advancements in artificial intelligence, increased customer interactivity, better mobile integration and improved hardware. 

There are so many reasons to invest in digital signage for your business, but before taking the leap, one of the major questions you probably have is: “how much will it cost my business?”This article will help you plan and budget for this investment so you can take your branding and marketing to the next level!

How Much Does Digital Signage Cost?

First, it’s important to note that there is a wide range of prices available for digital signage depending on the quality of the technology, software and content you choose, making general estimates difficult. Keep in mind that quality will have a significant impact on the results and return on investment. 

To get a realistic sense of the cost, it’s best to consult with several digital signage companies and obtain specific quotes and estimates. Before reaching out for quotes, consider the following factors and questions that will affect the overall cost:

  • How many displays do you need and where will they be located? 
  • Do you already have power and network connectivity or will it have to be added?
  • Are you looking to include interactive displays?
  • How many media players will you need? 
  • How often will you need new content and will you create the content yourself or perhaps invest in a subscription? 
  • What is the installation and setup price? 
  • How much will service or repairs cost? 

Though the cost of good quality equipment and installation may seem significant upfront, consider the number of views you can achieve and the long-term return on investment for your business. With digital signage, you will also be able to cut down on other, less-effective advertising costs. 

Fortunately, as digital signage has gained popularity and competition between suppliers has increased, the cost of digital signage has decreased significantly year by year. Prices are forecasted to continue to decrease in coming years, making it even more attainable for small businesses. 

What is included in the Digital Signage Price?

When you’re looking into the cost of digital signage, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what is included in the estimate or quote. The price you’re quoted may or may not include the following, so be sure to ask for details: 

  • Display screen(s)
  • Media player(s)
  • Software 
  • Installation and setup 
  • A content management platform
  • Custom content
  • Content subscription services
  • SMS campaigns and mobile integration technology 
  • Conference systems
  • Customer support technology 
  • Warranties and repairs 

Finding Professional Digital Signage Companies

EcoDigital Media is a professional digital signage company, based in Portland, OR, with clients worldwide. We offer all the above services and more, to suit a wide variety of industries, and a wide range of digital solutions to accommodate almost any budget. 

Explained: How Much Does Digital Signage Cost?

Because of the long list of factors affecting the price of digital signage, it’s best to seek a specific estimate from an established company. No matter where you’re based in the world, our experienced team at EcoDigital Media would be more than happy to consult with you for free and get down to the nitty gritty details. Whether you’re looking for a video wall, a digital menu board, or an interactive kiosk, we’ll help position your brand for success!

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