Equipping Businesses With Digital Signage Menu Boards in Memphis TN

Mid-level enterprise companies with more than 10 locations using traditional menu boards suffer from slow content change, slow adaptation to change, and losing market share. EcoDigital Media helps QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), Food & Beverage companies innovate with digital signage hardware, software, custom content, and custom subscription feeds so that their business continues to evolve, embrace opportunities and increase market share.

Information about  Memphis

Memphis is a city in the state of Tennessee in the United States. It is located along the Mississippi River and serves as the seat of Shelby County. Memphis is Tennessee’s second-most populous city, after Nashville, with a population of 633,104 according to the 2020 census. It is the Southeast’s fifth-most populous city, the 28th-largest in the US, and the largest city along the Mississippi River. West Tennessee and the wider Mid-South region, which includes parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, and the Missouri Bootheel, make up the Memphis metropolitan area. Memphis is one of the southern United States’ most historic and culturally significant cities, with a diverse geography and different neighborhoods.

In 1541, Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto became the first European to enter the area that is now Memphis. As Memphis grew, the Spanish, French, and English fought for the high Chickasaw Bluffs that protected the location from the Mississippi’s floods. John Overton, James Winchester, and Andrew Jackson founded modern Memphis in 1819. Memphis grew to be one of the Antebellum South’s most populous cities. Following the American Civil War and the abolition of slavery, the city continued to flourish into the twentieth century, becoming one of the world’s largest cotton and lumber markets.

Memphis was the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1968 assassination and is home to Tennessee’s largest African-American population. The National Civil Rights Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, is presently located in the city. Memphis has grown into one of the nation’s main business cities in transportation and logistics since the civil rights movement. FedEx is the largest employer, with its global aviation hub at Memphis International Airport, making it the world’s busiest cargo airport. The International Port of Memphis is also home to the United States’ seventh busiest inland water port. Memphis is a “Sufficiency” level global city according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network as of 2020.

Memphis is a media and entertainment center, with a storied music culture. Memphis is known as the “Home of the Blues” because of the blues clubs on Beale Street that gave city to the unique Memphis blues sound. Its music has remained influenced by a diverse range of genres, including country, rock and roll, soul, and hip-hop. The Grizzlies of the NBA are the city’s only major professional sports team. Graceland, the Memphis Pyramid, Sun Studio, the Blues Hall of Fame, and the Stax Museum of American Soul Music are among the other attractions. Memphis-style barbecue has gained international acclaim, and the city yearly stages the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, which draws over 100,000 visitors. Memphis is also home to the University of Memphis and Rhodes College, among other educational institutions.

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 Memphis Neighborhoods We Serve

Downtown MemphisMidtownEast Memphis
South MemphisNorth MemphisOrange Mound
White StationSea Isle ParkHarbor Town
BerclairCastalia HeightsHigh Point Terrace
South BluffsBethel GroveSouth Main
Coro LakeVollintine-EvergreenEvergreen
GrahamwoodNormal StationLauderdale Courts
Mallory HeightsPinch DistrictEast Parkway
East BuntynGreen Lodge TownhomesMessick Buntyn
DouglassRiversideWestwood Shores
Annesdale ParkPidgeon EstatesAlcy – Ball
UptownSpeedway TerraceWhitehaven View
Annesdale-SnowdenNormandy MeadowsStage Park Meadows
GlenviewCentral GardensHayden Place
WellsFairlawnNew Pathways
FairhillsMedical DistrictBarton Heights

 Memphis  Service Areas

ZIP Code 38101MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38103MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38104MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38105MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38106MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38107MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38108MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38109MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38111MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38112MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38113MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38114MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38115MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38116MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38117MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38118MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38119MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38120MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38122MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38124MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38125MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38126MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38127MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38128MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38130MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38131MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38132MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38133MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38134MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38135MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38136MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38137MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38141MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38145MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38148MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38150MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38151MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38152MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38157MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38159MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38161MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38163MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38166MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38167MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38168MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38173MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38174MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38175MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38177MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38181MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38182MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38184MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38186MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38187MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38188MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38190MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38193MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38194MemphisShelby
ZIP Code 38197MemphisShelby