Equipping Businesses With Digital Signage Menu Boards in Washington D.C.

Mid-level enterprise companies with more than 10 locations using traditional menu boards suffer from slow content change, slow adaptation to change, and losing market share. EcoDigital Media helps QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), Food & Beverage companies innovate with digital signage hardware, software, custom content, and custom subscription feeds so that their business continues to evolve, embrace opportunities and increase market share.

Information about  Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia, is the capital and only federal district of the United States. It is sometimes known as just Washington or simply D.C. It is situated on the east bank of the Potomac River, which forms its southwestern and southern borders with the US state of Virginia, and shares a land boundary on the remaining sides with the US state of Maryland. The federal district is named after Columbia, a female personification of the nation, while the city is named after George Washington, a founding father and the first president of the United States. The city is an important world political center because it is home to the United States federal government and various international organizations. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, with over 20 million visitors in 2016.

The district houses the three branches of the federal government: Congress (legislative), the president (executive), and the Supreme Court (judicial) (judicial). Many national monuments and museums can be found in Washington, most of which are located on or near the National Mall. The World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization of American States, the AARP, the National Geographic Society, the Human Rights Campaign, the International Finance Corporation, and the American Red Cross are among the many international organizations, trade unions, non-profits, lobbying groups, and professional associations with headquarters in the city.

Since 1973, the district has been managed by a locally elected mayor and a 13-member council. The city is under the control of Congress, which has the power to overrule municipal legislation. Residents of D.C. elect a single non-voting at-large congressional delegate to the House of Representatives. In the Senate, the district has no representatives. The Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was ratified in 1961, allows district voters to elect three presidential electors.

Your Company Deserves State-Of-The-Art Digital Signage Menu Boards, But There’s A Problem…

It’s just wrong that your locations are losing profits because competitors are advancing with the latest technology for communications. But when we don’t invest in tools for longevity and growth, we get into trouble. Many organizations trust us to help them keep their communication consistent, repeatable, and trackable. With the expertise and experience to help you, we will look at your current needs and work with you to scale, so we have you covered now and for the long term.

Your Guide To Keep Communication Consistent, Repeatable & Trackable.

We understand the need for things to be process-driven and consistent. Communication and documentation need to be trackable and repeatable. We understand the importance of being within reach as an extension of your external team.

For you to benefit from a long-term solution, we look at your current needs and blend them with “down the road scalability”, purchasing the right amount of equipment to serve both purposes.

We orchestrate collaboration between all departments to bring in the “right” solution for your company. With a 99% up-rate for our clients, we get things up and running quickly and support you before, during, and after to make sure things run smoothly.

 Washington D.C. Neighborhoods We Serve

Adams MorganColumbia HeightsHoward University
KaloramaLeDroit ParkLanier Heights
Mount PleasantPark ViewPleasant Plains
ShawU Street CorridorBurleith
ChinatownDowntownDupont Circle
Federal TriangleFoggy BottomGeorgetown
Logan CircleMount Vernon SquarePenn Quarter
ShawSheridan KaloramaSouthwest Federal Center
U Street CorridorWest EndAmerican University Park
BerkleyCathedral HeightsChevy Chase
Cleveland ParkColony HillForest Hills
FoxhallFriendship HeightsGlover Park
KentMassachusetts HeightsMcLean Gardens
North Cleveland ParkObservatory CircleThe Palisades
Potomac HeightsSpring ValleyTenleytown
WakefieldWesley HeightsWoodland Normanstone
Woodley ParkWoodmontBarnaby Woods
BrightwoodBrightwood ParkChevy Chase
Colonial VillageCrestwoodFort Totten
HawthorneManor ParkPetworth
Riggs ParkShepherd ParkSixteenth Street Heights
BrentwoodBrooklandCarver Langston
EckingtonEdgewoodFort Lincoln
Fort TottenGatewayIvy City
LangdonMichigan ParkNorth Michigan Park
Pleasant HillQueens ChapelRiggs Park
StrongholdTrinidadTruxton Circle
WoodridgeBarney CircleCapitol Hill
Judiciary SquareKingman ParkMount Vernon Triangle
Navy YardNear NortheastNoMa
Southwest WaterfrontSursum CordaSwampoodle
BenningBenning HeightsBenning Ridge
BurrvilleCapitol ViewCentral Northeast
Civic BettermentDeanwoodDupont Park
East CornerEast River HeightsEastland Gardens
Fairfax VillageFort DavisFort Dupont
Fort StantonGood HopeGreenway
Lincoln HeightsMarshall HeightsMayfair
Naylor GardensNortheast BoundaryPenn Branch
Randle HighlandsRiver TerraceTwining
AnacostiaBarry FarmBellevue
Buena VistaCongress HeightsDouglass
FairlawnGarfield HeightsKnox Hill
Park NaylorShipley TerraceSkyland
Washington HighlandsWoodland

 Washington D.C. Service Areas

Zip CodeTown/City
ZIP Code 20001Washington
ZIP Code 20002Washington
ZIP Code 20003Washington
ZIP Code 20004Washington
ZIP Code 20005Washington
ZIP Code 20006Washington
ZIP Code 20007Washington
ZIP Code 20008Washington
ZIP Code 20009Washington
ZIP Code 20010Washington
ZIP Code 20011Washington
ZIP Code 20012Washington
ZIP Code 20013Washington
ZIP Code 20015Washington
ZIP Code 20016Washington
ZIP Code 20017Washington
ZIP Code 20018Washington
ZIP Code 20019Washington
ZIP Code 20020Washington
ZIP Code 20022Washington
ZIP Code 20024Washington
ZIP Code 20026Washington
ZIP Code 20027Washington
ZIP Code 20029Washington
ZIP Code 20030Washington
ZIP Code 20032Washington
ZIP Code 20033Washington
ZIP Code 20035Washington
ZIP Code 20036Washington
ZIP Code 20037Washington
ZIP Code 20038Washington
ZIP Code 20039Washington
ZIP Code 20040Washington
ZIP Code 20041Washington
ZIP Code 20042Washington
ZIP Code 20043Washington
ZIP Code 20044Washington
ZIP Code 20045Washington
ZIP Code 20047Washington
ZIP Code 20049Washington
ZIP Code 20050Washington
ZIP Code 20052Washington
ZIP Code 20053Washington
ZIP Code 20055Washington
ZIP Code 20056Washington
ZIP Code 20057Washington
ZIP Code 20058Washington
ZIP Code 20059Washington
ZIP Code 20060Washington
ZIP Code 20061Washington
ZIP Code 20062Washington
ZIP Code 20063Washington
ZIP Code 20064Washington
ZIP Code 20065Washington
ZIP Code 20066Washington
ZIP Code 20067Washington
ZIP Code 20068Washington
ZIP Code 20069Washington
ZIP Code 20070Washington
ZIP Code 20071Washington
ZIP Code 20073Washington
ZIP Code 20074Washington
ZIP Code 20075Washington
ZIP Code 20076Washington
ZIP Code 20077Washington
ZIP Code 20078Washington
ZIP Code 20080Washington
ZIP Code 20081Washington
ZIP Code 20082Washington
ZIP Code 20090Washington
ZIP Code 20091Washington
ZIP Code 20201Washington
ZIP Code 20202Washington
ZIP Code 20203Washington
ZIP Code 20204Washington
ZIP Code 20206Washington
ZIP Code 20207Washington
ZIP Code 20208Washington
ZIP Code 20210Washington
ZIP Code 20211Washington
ZIP Code 20212Washington
ZIP Code 20213Washington
ZIP Code 20214Washington
ZIP Code 20215Washington
ZIP Code 20216Washington
ZIP Code 20217Washington
ZIP Code 20218Washington
ZIP Code 20219Washington
ZIP Code 20220Washington
ZIP Code 20221Washington
ZIP Code 20222Washington
ZIP Code 20223Washington
ZIP Code 20224Washington
ZIP Code 20226Washington
ZIP Code 20227Washington
ZIP Code 20228Washington
ZIP Code 20229Washington
ZIP Code 20230Washington
ZIP Code 20232Washington
ZIP Code 20233Washington
ZIP Code 20235Washington
ZIP Code 20237Washington
ZIP Code 20238Washington
ZIP Code 20239Washington
ZIP Code 20240Washington
ZIP Code 20241Washington
ZIP Code 20242Washington
ZIP Code 20244Washington
ZIP Code 20245Washington
ZIP Code 20250Washington
ZIP Code 20251Washington
ZIP Code 20252Washington
ZIP Code 20254Washington
ZIP Code 20260Washington
ZIP Code 20261Washington
ZIP Code 20262Washington
ZIP Code 20265Washington
ZIP Code 20266Washington
ZIP Code 20268Washington
ZIP Code 20270Washington
ZIP Code 20277Washington
ZIP Code 20289Washington
ZIP Code 20299Washington
ZIP Code 20301Washington
ZIP Code 20303Washington
ZIP Code 20306Washington
ZIP Code 20310Washington
ZIP Code 20314Washington
ZIP Code 20317Washington
ZIP Code 20318Washington
ZIP Code 20319Washington
ZIP Code 20330Washington
ZIP Code 20340Washington
ZIP Code 20350Washington
ZIP Code 20355Washington
ZIP Code 20370Washington
ZIP Code 20372Washington
ZIP Code 20373Naval Anacost Annex
ZIP Code 20374Washington Navy Yard
ZIP Code 20375Washington
ZIP Code 20376Washington Navy Yard
ZIP Code 20380Washington
ZIP Code 20388Washington Navy Yard
ZIP Code 20389Washington
ZIP Code 20390Washington
ZIP Code 20391Washington Navy Yard
ZIP Code 20392Washington
ZIP Code 20393Washington
ZIP Code 20394Washington
ZIP Code 20395Washington
ZIP Code 20398Washington Navy Yard
ZIP Code 20401Washington
ZIP Code 20402Washington
ZIP Code 20403Washington
ZIP Code 20404Washington
ZIP Code 20405Washington
ZIP Code 20406Washington
ZIP Code 20407Washington
ZIP Code 20408Washington
ZIP Code 20410Washington
ZIP Code 20411Washington
ZIP Code 20412Washington
ZIP Code 20413Washington
ZIP Code 20414Washington
ZIP Code 20415Washington
ZIP Code 20416Washington
ZIP Code 20417Washington
ZIP Code 20418Washington
ZIP Code 20419Washington
ZIP Code 20420Washington
ZIP Code 20421Washington
ZIP Code 20422Washington
ZIP Code 20423Washington
ZIP Code 20424Washington
ZIP Code 20425Washington
ZIP Code 20426Washington
ZIP Code 20427Washington
ZIP Code 20428Washington
ZIP Code 20429Washington
ZIP Code 20431Washington
ZIP Code 20433Washington
ZIP Code 20434Washington
ZIP Code 20435Washington
ZIP Code 20436Washington
ZIP Code 20437Washington
ZIP Code 20439Washington
ZIP Code 20440Washington
ZIP Code 20441Washington
ZIP Code 20442Washington
ZIP Code 20444Washington
ZIP Code 20447Washington
ZIP Code 20451Washington
ZIP Code 20453Washington
ZIP Code 20456Washington
ZIP Code 20460Washington
ZIP Code 20463Washington
ZIP Code 20468Washington
ZIP Code 20469Washington
ZIP Code 20470Washington
ZIP Code 20472Washington
ZIP Code 20500Washington
ZIP Code 20501Washington
ZIP Code 20502Washington
ZIP Code 20503Washington
ZIP Code 20504Washington
ZIP Code 20505Washington
ZIP Code 20506Washington
ZIP Code 20507Washington
ZIP Code 20508Washington
ZIP Code 20509Washington
ZIP Code 20510Washington
ZIP Code 20511Washington
ZIP Code 20515Washington
ZIP Code 20520Washington
ZIP Code 20521Washington
ZIP Code 20522Washington
ZIP Code 20523Washington
ZIP Code 20524Washington
ZIP Code 20525Washington
ZIP Code 20526Washington
ZIP Code 20527Washington
ZIP Code 20528Washington
ZIP Code 20529Washington
ZIP Code 20530Washington
ZIP Code 20531Washington
ZIP Code 20533Washington
ZIP Code 20534Washington
ZIP Code 20535Washington
ZIP Code 20536Washington
ZIP Code 20537Washington
ZIP Code 20538Washington
ZIP Code 20539Washington
ZIP Code 20540Washington
ZIP Code 20541Washington
ZIP Code 20542Washington
ZIP Code 20543Washington
ZIP Code 20544Washington
ZIP Code 20546Washington
ZIP Code 20547Washington
ZIP Code 20548Washington
ZIP Code 20549Washington
ZIP Code 20551Washington
ZIP Code 20552Washington
ZIP Code 20553Washington
ZIP Code 20554Washington
ZIP Code 20555Washington
ZIP Code 20557Washington
ZIP Code 20559Washington
ZIP Code 20560Washington
ZIP Code 20565Washington
ZIP Code 20566Washington
ZIP Code 20570Washington
ZIP Code 20571Washington
ZIP Code 20572Washington
ZIP Code 20573Washington
ZIP Code 20575Washington
ZIP Code 20576Washington
ZIP Code 20577Washington
ZIP Code 20578Washington
ZIP Code 20579Washington
ZIP Code 20580Washington
ZIP Code 20581Washington
ZIP Code 20585Washington
ZIP Code 20586Washington
ZIP Code 20590Washington
ZIP Code 20591Washington
ZIP Code 20593Washington
ZIP Code 20594Washington
ZIP Code 20597Washington
ZIP Code 20599Washington