Equipping Businesses With Digital Signage Menu Boards in Tucson AZ

Mid-level enterprise companies with more than 10 locations using traditional menu boards suffer from slow content change, slow adaptation to change, and losing market share. EcoDigital Media helps QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), Food & Beverage companies innovate with digital signage hardware, software, custom content, and custom subscription feeds so that their business continues to evolve, embrace opportunities and increase market share.

Information about Tucson

Tucson is a city in Pima County, Arizona, and the county seat. It is home to the University of Arizona. It is Arizona’s second-largest city, with a population of 542,629 according to the 2020 US Census, while the entire Tucson metropolitan statistical area (MSA) has a population of 1,043,433.

The Tucson MSA is part of the combined statistical region of Tucson and Nogales (CSA). Tucson is Arizona’s second most populous city, after Phoenix, both of which are part of the Arizona Sun Corridor. The city is 108 miles (174 kilometers) southeast of Phoenix and 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of the border between the United States and Mexico. Tucson is the 33rd largest city in the United States, with the 58th largest metropolitan area (2014).

Oro Valley and Marana, located northwest of the city, Sahuarita, located south of the city, and South Tucson, located in an enclave south of downtown, are all major incorporated suburbs of Tucson. Casas Adobes, Catalina Foothills, Flowing Wells, Midvale Park, Tanque Verde, Tortolita, and Vail are all communities around Tucson (some within or overlapping the city borders). Benson is to the southeast, Catalina and Oracle are to the north, and Green Valley is to the south of the Tucson metro region.

When Hugo O’Conor ordered the construction of Presidio San Agustin del Tucsón in 1775, the Spanish established Tucson as a military fort. After Mexico obtained independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821, it became part of the state of Sonora. Under the Gadsden Purchase, the United States purchased a 29,670 square mile (76,840 km2) section of present-day southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico from Mexico in 1853. From 1867 to 1877, Tucson was the capital of the Arizona Territory. Tucson was the most populous city in Arizona during the territory period and early statehood, until Phoenix surpassed it in 1920. Despite this, population growth remained robust in the late twentieth century. Tucson became the first American city to be named a “City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO in 2017.

The Spanish name of the city, Tucsón, is derived from the O’odham Cukon, which means “(at the) base of the black [peak],” a reference to the basalt-covered hill today known as Sentinel Peak. “The Old Pueblo” is a nickname given to Tucson.

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Tucson Neighborhoods We Serve

Armory ParkBarrio HollywoodBarrio San Antonio
Barrio Santa RosaBarrio ViejoBroadmoor Broadway
Catalina VistaDowntownDunbar Spring
El EncantoEl PresidioFeldman’s
Highland Vista Cinco ViaIron HorseKeeling/Hedrick Acres
Menlo ParkMiramonteRincon Heights
Sam HughesWest UniversityCivano
Flecha Caida Ranch EstatesHillcrest at WingateIndian Ridge Estates
Old Fort LowellShadow Hills

Tucson Service Areas

ZIP Code 85701TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85702TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85703TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85704TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85705TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85706TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85707TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85708TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85709TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85710TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85711TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85712TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85713TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85714TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85715TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85716TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85717TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85718TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85719TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85720TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85721TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85722TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85723TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85724TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85725TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85726TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85728TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85730TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85731TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85732TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85733TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85734TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85735TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85736TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85737TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85739TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85740TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85741TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85742TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85743TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85744TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85745TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85746TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85747TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85748TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85749TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85750TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85751TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85752TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85754TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85755TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85756TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85757TucsonPima
ZIP Code 85775TucsonPima