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Customer service and support are also essential. We feel it’s critical to pay attention to our customers’ queries and feedback after the sale and promptly respond to their concerns.

When considering the cost of long-term ownership and maintenance post-installation, a typical standard warranty on outdoor monitors is 3 years. Adding an extended warranty covers you for a total of 5 years.

The short answer is to start now if you have goals for expansion.

Have you ever noticed how static signs create more static signs? When you run out of room or have a new offering you have to get a new extension to your old menu- causing clutter.  With a static sign, every update is manual and has to be paid for again, and again, and again. If you are lucky you do this once a year and each time they get tossed into the garbage. Static signage costs around $4,000 to implement.

Implementing a system right at the start is more economical. It is more cost-effective to invest in the technology in the beginning and allocate this investment in your budget, especially if you’re considering a planned expansion across multiple locations.

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A basic package is composed of the monitor, content delivery system, and a kiosk that houses all these components.

One can also add on additional items like a squawk box, static preview, a digital preview screen, and varying levels of content management services.

One additional component is the existing infrastructure of electrical and data.

The same system can drive your content, whether the menu is inside a building or a drive-thru.

It’s natural to have a competitor negatively comment on another competitor’s product or services. We strive to keep things simple and strife free.

Our operation is “lean and mean”, with two co-founders running this organization. This may be what competitors point out as a weakness, but we’re flexible and nimble to help our clients reach their desired outcomes more efficiently, without the extra overhead of most of our competitors.

Today’s consumers are savvy with their research of pricing, features, and benefits. They have a critical eye towards new commodities in the marketplace.

Our offerings are not the cheapest or the most expensive in our industry. What we focus on is pre-and-post service, addressing any fears or concerns our clients have so we can ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients. We aren’t clingy, but we do prefer long-term relationships!

We are “Brand Agnostic”, which means we customize solutions (brand, hardware, and software) to meet our clients’ preferences, budgets, and desired outcomes.

Some prospective clients imagine that all integrators are SaaS (Software As A Service) companies, and sell their platform as a service. Some companies do, but we do not force a proprietary platform on our clients.

Our ongoing services set us apart from our competition. Our secret sauce is in providing content management services to our clients. This involves creating, scheduling, and managing engaging content while monitoring the system. Most of our competitors do not offer this as a service.

95% of our clients stay with us for ongoing content management services. The remaining choose to have us train them to manage on their own.

The process is simple.

A client provides us with their branding. Then they fill out the necessary information on an automated submission form, from dates, titles of slides, text, and imagery that our client wants to be included.

We leverage our years of expertise in creating and managing content to consult our clients with best practices.

Lastly, we create the slides, schedule the content, and ensure they go live as scheduled.

Without naming names, here is what we’ve gathered from speaking to customers who have left several of our competitors and come to us for service:

  • Customers were dissatisfied with communication during implementation
  • Customers were frustrated with how difficult is was to reach service and support after the implementation
  • Customers shared competitors’ fees are quite expensive with lengthy contract terms
  • Customers reveal competitors sell their own platform with proprietary hardware and software, meaning they had no choice but to stay with them

All providers or integrators use the same screens supplied by the same group of distributors. The product lines are identical but the bottom line is the margin, volume, and a provider’s relationship with that distributor.

Fortunately, screen manufacturers prioritize companies with which it has a long-standing relationship. Even if we’re competing with large franchise operations like a very popular coffee chain or fast-food restaurant chain, our relationship with our distributors is what wins the day.

We are platform-agnostic. This means we are not loyal to a single software or hardware manufacturer, but we are loyal to our customers’ desired outcomes, so we customize a solution that fits your needs and wants.

We have service providers across the country, which ensures we have a long reach for support. This way there is no need to have in-house staff away from our office to other parts of the country. This prompt delivery of essential services and information reduces any bottlenecks our clients may encounter.

Finally, EcoDigital Media implements continuing training and retraining programs for all employees for skill development.

The three big problems most big companies face are implementation, service, and cost.

At EcoDigital Media, our solutions are customized to our customer’s desired outcomes and needs. We address existing needs and expansion for the future. Our implementation is efficient, and our customers praise our pre-sale and post-sale service.